Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Cracks appearing in the left: The demise of Obama?


While a great many claim that Obama never ordered that President Trump be wire-tapped, and the President was shooting from the lip, it appears that we do have a "Scooter Libby" kind of moment on our hands here with the trail leading directly to the "Moron-in-Chief."

Rice, best known for acting the role of the consummate liar over the motives for the Benghazi slaughter of 4 Americans while neither Obama nor Clinton could be bothered to save them, is now looking like she's being set up to be the fall guy for Obama.

The next question boils down to this:

Will Rice keep her mouth shut?

Clearly, this sort of thing doesn't happen in a vacuum.

Is there any question that the buck stops with Barack?

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