Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Well, looks like the local Bar Association doesn't want Boldt lackey Brent Boger to be a judge, either...

So, the CCBA doesn't want Brent Boger to make them coffee, it would seem, let alone be named to district court judge.

The democratian reports that Boger is 4th out of 7 with a HUGE vote of a whole 5.61%

But here's my guess: he's very likely to get the gig.

There's a reason that he slavishly supported my clownish brother-in-law, leftist Marc Boldt, for county chair.  Boger even signed a letter along with some of the other past RINO chairs asking us...literally... to forget Boldt's leftist record of governance and leftist arrogance as a commissioner and vote for him instead of any of the Republicans actually running.

Boldt needs "friends" like Boger... or political lap dogs, more likely.

So, how does he reward Boger for doing his best to trash the party and every conservative running, including Liz Pike?

If he gets Boger the gig (and the other 3 leftist sock puppets masquerading as Republicans will do whatever Boldt wants... it's the damnedest thing that they're all his puppets) Boldt sends the message that if you do favors for him, he'll do favors for you.

If Boldt doesn't get the gig to Boger, who carried his water like Gunga Din during the election and acted much like a RINO Whip to get Boldt the RINO vote... putting that punk in charge of the county even though 61% of the voters did not want him... then why would anyone do anything for Boldt, who claims... falsely... to be an "independent" (remember, Boldt got the fringe-left Young Democrat endorsement... blowing off the democrat in the race...) knowing that Boldt doesn't care?

Boldt doesn't give a damn what the people of this county want or do not want.  He's an acolyte of the Steve Stuart School of Governance, made famous by Stuart's declaration that he has never spoken for the people and that, in fact, he never speaks for anyone but Steve.
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for 'the people,' I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
Boldt knows he's free to do any damned thing he pleases, because, in part thanks to Boger, he's got the RINO vote locked up and the other 3 Stooges don't go to the can without asking his permission..... never mind that he is voting EXACTLY the same way the democrat he was running against would have voted.

All of that said, don't be too terribly surprised if Boger gets the gig.  It's the kind of corruption my brother-in-law is known for.

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