Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Drudge: "Republicans fear for safety over Obamacare." And they should... but not just from Soros-paid protesters.

As the RINO's in Congress, who have had 4 years and 3 months to craft a strategy to get rid of Obamacare and who have done absolutely nothing to date to make that happen... acting as if they were unaware of who was controlling the entirety of the legislative process... we are told that "democrat activists" (read, Soros-paid goons) are becoming a security concern at town hall-type meetings.

This has become a subject for discussion among the House RINO's as to what to do about it.

Well, besides the obvious answer (get off your collective asses and repeal it: why the hell do you think we put you there?) there is a second issue that up to this point, these same GOP disgraces have appeared to overlook:  the kind of security they are going to need to protect them from the GOP base that was sucked into voting for them in the first place over their lies concerning getting rid of Obamacare.

Having suffered under the representation of a useless RINO congresswoman who has accomplished absolutely nothing of note, save to amplify the science of using her daughter as a campaign prop... a woman who, up until recently, had been terrified of holding open town hall meetings (after all, the last one our local empty suit held until a few weeks ago had only been 6 years ago)... I feel the country's frustration.

But the people of America do not have limitless patience.  We sent you there to take over Congress starting 6 years ago... and the Senate 4 years ago... and all you've done is to jack up our debt by trillions, continue to fund the fraud that is Obamacare and just generally do whatever the hell that disgrace to the presidency wanted.

Well now, you're out of excuses.

Now, you had better act.

I get that under a total light weight like RINO Ryan, who is afraid of his own gutless shadow, you've lacked decisive leadership and have failed to see the urgency of this situation.

Well, you all had better see it now.

BY now we should have had a plan in place, even if it involved peeling back the layers like this was an onion.  That there is no such plan is the kind of failure the RINO Congress has become known for over the past several years.  And each day that goes by reinforces the fact that the current RINO Congress does not equate to progress to set the ship of state right.

Between failing to provide Obamacare repeal and tax cut plans, the First Hundred Days is shaping up as a colossal failure.

Instead, those RINO's allegedly there to represent us are at the bottom of the hull with sledgehammers, pickaxes and chisels, doing all they can to punch more holes into the hull to sink us further.

So, by all means, be vigilant against the Soros-paid thugs who will have no difficulty assaulting you and likely spilling your blood.

But don't forget the people who put you there.  I get the feeling that those who've expected you to do the right thing all these years lack the forbearance to put up with your lack of guts and competence indefinitely.

If you like being in office, remember that 2018 just ain't that far away.

As for me, I'll be voting for whatever democrat runs against Herrera as long as she's in government.

Better to have the real democrat there instead of the fake variety disguised as a Republican.

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