Thursday, February 09, 2017

Leftist heads explode as Benton's White House appointment is made permanent.

I do love this.

I've chatted with Sen. Benton maybe twice over the past 3 years... we've had our differences.  But watching him ditch this backwater burg and make the big time while leftist/RINO heads explode around here at Benton's obvious political success is a genuine hoot.

The leftist scum will mount their usual empty attacks that have been disproven repeatedly.

And none of it will mean anything.

Sen. Don Benton will put this place in his rear-view mirror and all of the haters with it.

He may miss some from around here... hopefully, not all of this county will be forgotten.

But in the end, the country is in large part his responsibility.  And he has now made his way to the very highest levels of our government and I have absolutely no problem with that.

Watching the leftist haters flip out?

That's just icing on the cake.  And I join with those happy at his success and I revel in the pain, anger, and confusion of the leftist scum like Lefty Lou and the other's who traffic in hatred is a wonderful thing to behold.

While Lefty and his minions' trash conservatives, Sen. Benton will have the ear of the President.

And there's not one damned thing the leftists infesting us can do about it.

Ain't it cool? Announcement at the 3:20 mark.

TOP TRUMP BEACHHEAD TEAM MEMBER TO STAY PERMANENTLY: The Trump administration’s man at EPA headquarters, former Washington State Sen. Don Benton, will remain on at the agency for longer than the initial 120-day transition contact. “Sen. Benton has advised us that he will be staying on at EPA following the transition period as the senior White House advisor,” Acting EPA Administrator Catherine McCabe said in a video update on the transition posted to the agency’s YouTube page. A transition spokesman didn’t return a request for comment on what Benton’s precise role will be.

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