Thursday, February 09, 2017

Democrats set the tone for future presidencies.

As anyone paying attention knows, the amount of democrat butthurt over the Trump Presidency has reached new heights over the history of our Republic.

Most recently, the fake indian representing Massachusetts in the Senate spew this:
Perhaps.  But none of them will care.

And then the scumbag Senate Minority Leader, Chuckie Schumer, felt compelled to babble thus:
Host Rachel Maddow told Schumer she had been told by former Obama White House officials their biggest concern about the upcoming Trump presidency was Sessions heading the Department of Justice. Schumer concurred by responding that Sessions was “anti-immigrant” and had a bad record on civil and voting rights.
“When Jeff Sessions was passed, it turned my stomach,” Schumer said. “I don’t have anything against him personally. It’s known we here in that gym together in the morning but to have a man like this with his record on immigration, he’s almost certainly the most anti-immigrant senator of the hundred, on civil rights and voting rights he’s probably one of the top three or four against these sacred rights, civil rights, and voting rights, he doesn’t belong there and I think a lot of Republicans know it.” 
“What’s happened on the Republican side, even hope the many of them have doubts about these nominees, they’re afraid to break with Donald Trump,” he continued. “They’re marching in lockstep on these nominees and so many other things. Can you imagine if a Democrat had said the United States has moral equivalency to Russia and Putin? The Republicans would be howling at the moon. But here they just go along and say nothing. It’s a real display of lack of courage, of lack of strength, of lack of conviction for them to go along with these nominees and so do many things that I know in their hearts and minds is wrong.”
That the cow related to Chuckie, Amy Schumer, is still here after pledging to leave this country if Trump won, turns my stomach on a daily basis... so, in time, I hope Chuckie gets over it.

The reality is that leftist hatred has been around for a long, long time.  Our own local version, the C3G2 Hate group. has been spewing this kind of sewage for years.

However, the point of this post is this:

At some point, presuming the democrats survive their self-imposed immolation, the show might be on the other foot.

Let's whiteboard this a bit, shall we?

At some point, say, 16 years from now, the democrats regain the White House.

And the GOP retains control of the Senate.

Because the democrats decided to vote in lock step in opposition to the President's appointments to Attorney General and Education Secretary, they have set the pattern for how the GOP should respond to any democrat appointment to those offices.

They likely will do the same for any Supreme Court choice Mr. Trump makes.

And this, then, is how they want to play... a tit-for-tat game.

The memory of the GOP has, on occasion, been conveniently short. This is one of those times when that cannot be allowed to happen.

These same leftists crippled themselves and made themselves irrelevant by screwing around with the Senate Rules when they were in charge.  And now, they've made the decision that they must oppose everything Mr. Trump does, no matter what or who.

It's the same sort of idiocy we've seen around here by Lefty Lou and his winged monkeys over their snit about David Madore.

That effort was ultimately successful in the short term.  But it wouldn't have been had the local RINO's exhibited any concern over this county.  The Senate RINOs, however, have made a different conclusion their basis for action.

But then, no one ever claimed that the Crains and the Bogers around here were ever politically bright.

So, to the leftists infesting our country, I would remind you:  What goes around?

Comes around.

Prepare to suffer.

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