Sunday, January 22, 2017

Two surprising things that did NOT happen before Obama left.

Who didn't think that Obama would not issue two pardons on the way out the door that would have been his most controversial?

The obvious first choice here would be that of pardoning Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt candidate in modern times, if not ever.

Hillary's criminal activities run the gauntlet from lying to Congress to her email server debacle and subsequent perjury to the FBI to her fabled pay-for-play money laundering operation known as the Clinton Foundation.

The last scam alone could likely fill up a small prison.  It's the kind of thing that would make Al Capone turn green with envy.

Convicting her would be as difficult as issuing a parking ticket.  We all know it, and that begs the issue as to why Obama would release a murderer or two but not allow Hillary to skate.

Second was to pardon Bowe Bergdahl.

Who can possibly forget that silly-assed Rose Garden press conference, where Bergdahl's Taliban coifed parents gave something of a victory lap when Bergdahl was finally released by the TBones  in exchange for 5 top-level terrorists?  Never mind that troops were killed and wounded looking for this scumbag.

Now that the political pressure is off and Mad Dog is running the show, it's looking to me pretty bleak for PFC Bergdahl.  Think he'll cut a plea so he'll get out of prison before he reaches the age of social security?

Pity the death penalty isn't on the table.

Two likely never to be solved mysteries.

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