Monday, January 23, 2017

Garbage left behind by the garbage.

Yeah... The leftists really care about the planet.

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Were there disgusting hose beasts marching and dumping their trash on every continent? 


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 They want equality but expect others to clean up their trash. You broads are disgusting pigs. 


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Pete Masterson said...

I participated in several protest events held by the (Bay Area) Tea Party, held in San Francisco. One involved meeting in the San Francisco City Hall Plaza ... and marching the couple blocks up to the Federal (office) Building (open plaza in front) where Nancy Pelosi (then) had her office. We were requested to remain on the sidewalks (as our police permit did not allow blocking of streets). Even though it was a crowd of several hundred, that rule was complied with (with Tea Party "monitors" providing reminders as necessary). After the conclusion of the event -- there was NO MESS left behind. Most carried their signs away with them, a few used public trash bins -- finding a different one when the nearest was too full for more trash.

Subsequent San Francisco events, held in Union Square and held at Justin Herman Plaza (near the Ferry Building) were similarly left cleaner than in the condition it was found.