Thursday, January 05, 2017

The essence of leftist hatred: locally and nationally.

Locally, the rag put out another in their endless series of anti-Benton articles, this time pondering what his gig might be in the Trump transition... and giving them the opportunity to bring up most anything and/or everything they deem negative about the man.

They used OBP of all things, because even though THEY used a great deal of the Reflector article on the subject and Lefty Lou would dive in a boiling vat of tar before he'd even admit the Reflector existed.

But then, it's not like he's going to get a pass; after all, Benton's hardly a "friend of Lou," because if you ARE a "Friend of Lou," crap like this never gets printed.

Lie to get elected?  Tag the county with a $700 million tax bill that you've made sure we had zero say in?  Betray your district and the people of this county?

Absolutely zero effort to hold anyone accountable for their actions... when you're a "Friend of Lou."

The rag has no problem whatsoever when the misconduct of those who would govern us supports their agenda.

And that's what has elevated Lefty Lou and his band of Winged Monkeys to the danger level.  They truly are a cancer on our community because they silence those who would oppose them and exist only to serve as a voice of the fringe-leftists infesting us.

That's not the point of this post, however.

The point of this is the comments below the post on the daily democratian:  uniformly hate-filled, insulting crap.

And the daily democrat fosters that with their own hateful bias.

Mike Yancey · Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington
Look at it this way we are getting rid of boss donny.

John M. Kowalski · Camas, Washington
Washroom attendant, with deep apologies to washroom attendants everywhere.
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Barbara A. Peterson
It's not a boondoggle. We need a new bridge. With fond memories of throwing tokens into the bridge baskets back when I was 7, it's "bigly" overdue.
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Rob Smith · Portland, Oregon
See Trump is keeping Lou's Band of Merry Tabloid Reporters employed a little longer by giving them something to write FanFics about.

Ernie Hook · Works at Retired
Now that puts me in a frame of mind, of absolute stupidity, simple minded, arrogance, ridicules, and the blind, leading the blind. God, what are we in for, in the next four years?
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Ed Ruttledge · Salem, Oregon
Donny offers a perfect match skill set for the Trump WH.
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Ben Grobe-Heintz · California Polytechnic State University
Don Benton is Air Force 3, the President Elect's hot air baloon.
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Bob Burda · Brush Prairie, Washington
The only thing I'll give Trump is that he wants to create Jobs. Benton has directly and indirectly squashed thousands of jobs with his horse and carriage mindset. I doubt Benton has actually talked to Trump although Trump has been documented to say " I love the uneducated". Benton should take his being bullied lawsuit and lack of popularity and move to DC. TBD! LikeReply418 hrs
Loren Lee
I suspect Benton is only qualified to be Trump's special security food taster. He seems to have considerable experience eating off taxpayer lunch money.
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Fran Hammond · Vancouver, Washington
Loren Lee Maybe he will have the honor of sitting on Trump's golden latrine!
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John M. Kowalski · Camas, Washington
Fran Hammond I want to work "the Benton Edge" into my reply...
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Thom Rasmussen · Salmon Creek, Washington
Fran Hammond official seat warmer?
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This is the kind of thing the democratian fosters.  Lefty Lou strives to whip this kind of hatred up and these simple idiots deliver.

If anyone spoke this way about anyone on Lefty Lou's buddy list, they'd be banned in a heartbeat.
And what do you think the leftists bleating here have in common?

Most of them maintain membership in the C3G2 hate site... The mentality of the cross-section of hate on display here for all.

And, that provides the segue into this horrific, despicable act of hatred and thuggery that, were the colors or the political persuasion of the participants reversed... was the subject matter based on the victim's support of Clinton or Sanders... we would not be able to turn on a TV or open a newspaper... including our local cancer on our community... without reading about it or hearing about it.

4 held after Facebook video shows torture of disabled man by group railing against Trump, whites


I actually went to the rag's web site this morning to check to see if they had a single word about this outrage of leftist hate and racial bigotry...

If it was there.... I didn't see it.  I googled it and couldn't find network coverage.

Imagine what we'd be seeing and hearing if those engaging in this torture demanded that the victim make statements SUPPORTING Trump.

Democrats aware of this... if they say anything at all... are going to great pains to say both that this hate crime is NOT a hate crime... and that, in effect, anything a leftist does or says against Trump is perfectly acceptable.

Including this sort of thing, apparently... as this joins the long list of assaults, attacks and riots the left has engaged in throughout the campaign and since their girl got her electoral ass kicked... is perfectly OK for the left.

It's not just hypocrisy, you understand: after all, to be a leftist is to be a hypocrite.

It's the ripe, reeking stench of it all... the kind of thing they don't want to talk about while they try and claim the moral high ground in keeping the horrific damage of their Obamacare nightmare ongoing.

Yes, indeed: there has been a major increase in hate crimes since Trump announced his candidacy.

Just not quite in the way the local leftist lamestream media would have us believe. 

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