Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Finally, the long overdue demise of the hated Obamacare.

Of the many, many lies of the slimeball in the White House, Obamacare is the biggest.

For many who liked their plan, they couldn't keep their plan.

For many who liked their doctor, they couldn't keep their doctor.

This morning, the leftist nutjobs on the Hill were whining, sniveling and yes... lying.

The irony here is that none of those sniveling about the insanity of Obamacare are actually covered under it.

This base hypocrisy is a hallmark of the left and is the type of thing the RINO elements around here engage in on an increasingly regular basis.

One of the dirty little secrets of the sausage making business known as legislation is that almost ALL legislation they pass has within it an exemption for Congress.  They pass the laws, but are in no way required to live by the laws they pass on the rest of us.

That's why, for example, federal dollars are actually used for organizations based entirely on race and political party, such as the Black Congressional Caucus, which excludes those not black and not democrat.

This obvious discrimination is an ongoing sore on the skin of democracy.  It is reverse racism at its finest and it would be completely illegal... if Congress had to live by the laws they force us to live by.

Imagine, if you will, a "White Congressional Caucus."  Imagine the cries of racism.  The outrage.  The riots in the streets if such a thing were to ever see the light of day.

For Congress, this is business as usual.  One of the most recent episodes was the bizarre and entirely legal practice by Members of Congress to engage in insider trading... the kind of thing that would instantly see you or me in prison.
Kroft: So congressman get a pass on insider trading? 
Schweizer: They do. The fact is, if you sit on a healthcare committee and you know that Medicare, for example, is-- is considering not reimbursing for a certain drug that's market moving information. And if you can trade stock on-- off of that information and do so legally, that's a great profit making opportunity. And that sort of behavior goes on. 
Kroft: Why does Congress get a pass on this? 
Schweizer: It's really the way the rules have been defined. And the people who make the rules are the political class in Washington. And they've conveniently written them in such a way that they don't apply to themselves.

That's why so many arrive at Congress of modest means... and leave it as multi-millionaires.

Because they were/are exempted from insider trading laws that we little people have to live by.

I use these two examples to call out the hypocrisy of the leftist Members of Congress themselves.

They are not covered by Obamacare and they are not required to pay into it.  They are completely exempt from the same Obamacare requirements that you and I have to live by.

A more local example would be that of the millions spent to keep our Congresswoman's child alive.

I freely acknowledge the heartbreak of her daughter's illness, an illness that Herrera used to her political advantage every opportunity she had.

And this child received the finest medical care IN THE WORLD.

Do you believe for one minute that would have happened if she had been covered under Obamacare?

Of course not.

The reality of life in these United States is this:  there is no right to government mandated (or any other variety, for that matter) health care.


The left can whine, snivel and bitch that there is... but that's much like state leftists complaining about the Legislature following state supreme court demands on school funding: there is no legal requirement for the Legislature to do ANYTHING the Supreme Court tells them to do.

Just because the left lies over and over and over again about this doesn't make it true.

At no time that I can find has the American public EVER supported Obamacare.

It is the tyranny of the minority over the majority.  (1 minute video: Gruber tells us that we're too stupid to understand at about 0.54)

Congressional and state losses by democrats since they rammed this stupidity through without a single GOP vote have been historically high... and the democrats, still wandering around in a daze since Hillary managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, look at each other and wonder aloud... "What happened?"

The counted on what they called "voter stupidity," if the Obamacare architect, one Dr. Jonathan Gruber, PhD is to be believed:

We don't look so stupid now.


Now we've taken our country back.

And now, it... along with the rest of the insanity of the Obama tenure... is facing it's mortality like a convicted murderer staring at a rope.

In a brief time, it APPEARS (nothing is for certain with the GOP in Congress) that they intend to pull the lever and snap Obamacare's neck.

The irony here is that most of the congressional rules in place that will be used to kill this pig were put in place by many of these same democrats.

And while I appreciate that the GOP is finally getting around to this, they have been repeatedly elected... and given control of Congress on the promise of eliminating the Unafforable Care Act... and for 6 years they've done nothing meaningful to make that happen.

There was, of course, the ability to completely unfund part or all of this scam... but the lack of courage on the part of the RINO leadership to make that happen because of fear of a government shut down as a result.

We should have been so lucky.

This failure has resulted in 10's of billions of dollars wasted.

So, when the leftist scum fighting for this scam that has wasted billions upon billions of dollars FOR NOTHING... get up there and cry the crocodile tears, remember: none of it applies to them, directly... at all.

And this is yet another proof of leftist cluelessness: they have been soundly getting their collective asses kicked on this very issue since it was put into law.

It does not work.  The "$2500 saved per year a family of 4" has never materialized, and in fact, health care premiums have exploded and would continue to blow up under this insanity... which, come to think of it, many in the GOP side warned about.

It's not unlike the rest of his many lies... but the damage this stupidity has caused is incalculable.

Leftists, particularly those who aren't covered by or have to pay for this asinine stupidity, are throwing a fit that their unworkable plan is being demolished in front of their very eyes.

They claim a MORAL right or something... and isn't that more the business of the the thing most leftists abhor... churches?

I, personally, could care less.  I want Obamacare gone tomorrow.

And I don't give a damn about "replacing" it.

Health care is not a federal issue.  There is no enumerated right to it.

The lie that 20 million people would die or something with the repeal of this idiotic extortion is just that: a lie... since for the most part, those covered simply shifted from Medicare.

It's not unlike the rip off of light rail: most of those using it simply exchanged their prior mode of transportation (buses which no longer run on light rail routes) for the obsolete, massive drain of taxpayer dollars to spend the most to move the least...

End the mandate.  End direct government control of healthcare.

And do it now.

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