Thursday, January 05, 2017

My FAVORITE state senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, to hold town hall meetings this Saturday.

Unlike our cardboard cut out of a congresswoman, Ridgefield Barbie, At least Rivers is going through the motions of listening BEFORE she ignores us.

Apparently our erstwhile state senator in the 18th District, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, will be holding town hall meetings Saturday.
10:30 a.m.
Clark County Fire & Rescue, Station 21
911 N. 65th Avenue, Ridgefield
12 p.m.
Battle Ground City Hall
109 S.W. 1st Street, Battle Ground
2:30 p.m.
Camas City Library
625 N.E. 4th Avenue, Camas

I just found out about this a few moments ago... Wonder why? A locally held secret? You'd think that fresh off her election victory, she'd have given this the widest possible dispersion to get the biggest possible turnout.
Shame can do that to a pol, I suppose.

I didn't see anything about anyone else showing up.

So, I'll be attending at least one of these... and I'll be reminding myself every moment that no matter what she says, this woman lied to us through her teeth on her opposition to the gas tax and tab fee increases to get elected back in 2012... and that this county now owes $700 million in taxes and fees that she could have stopped... and no matter what she says or promises, I'll knows that since she lied to us so easily before, she'll have even less difficulty lying to us at these town hall meetings as well.

For her or against her, feel free to come on by and let her know.

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