Friday, January 06, 2017

Obama: the biggest hypocrite the world has ever known.

First it was Zuckerberg:

This amazing ocean view is brought to you by Mark Zuckerberg: The Facebook founder's six-foot wall around $100m Hawaii retreat that obscures spectacular panorama for locals

  • Mark Zuckerberg paid $100 million for the 750-acre retreat on Kauai 
  • He also bought two parcels of land beside his property to ensure privacy
  • Now locals have been angered by a six-foot high wall along the boundary
  • He previously bought properties surrounding his Silicon Valley mansion
  • This is the six-foot tall stone wall Mark Zuckerberg is building around his $100million 750-acre retreat on the Hawaiian island of Kauai
    This is the six-foot tall stone wall Mark Zuckerberg is building around his $100million 750-acre retreat on the Hawaiian island of Kauai
Then, it was that moron in the White House:

Added to their joint hypocrisy over the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms, and, well, there you have it.

What makes Obama the bigger of the two?

Unfortunately, he was the president.

Both of these clowns have heavily armed security.

Both of these clowns have come out in massive opposition to the Trump Wall.

Zuckerberg criticizes Trump's call for border wall at F8 conference

SAN FRANCISCO—Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told attendees of Facebook's annual developers conference that they should concentrate on building bridges rather than walls, an apparent reference to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's calls to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Yet, that doesn't stop this idiot from building walls around the various properties HE lives in.

And that clueless idiot in the White House?

Obama Slams Trump’s Wall in Final UN Speech… But Paid $75 Million to Build Mexico’s Wall

Barack Obama broke protocol and jabbed Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly.
“Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.”
Obama jabs at Trump at the UN: "Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself" 
But, once again, a quick Google search shows Barack Obama’s hypocrisy.
Obama is against a Trump border wall on the southern US border but helped pay for Mexico’s border wall with Central America.
The Daily Caller reported:
President Barack Obama has slammed Donald Trump’s proposal to make Mexico pay for a border wall, but his own administration is spending $75 million for border security on Mexico’s southern border.
Since 2013, the Obama administration, through a partnership with the Mexican government known as the Mérida Initiative, has already spent at least $15 million helping Mexico secure its southern border, according to a nonpartisan Congressional Research Service report.
Neither of them have any answers on the subject.  Obama's open border policies will just make it that much more difficult to get rid of these people.  Further, as an illegal alien destination resort, his incompetence in office has certainly done nothing to act as a series of reasons NOT to come here.

And Zuckerberg?  He's so far out of touch they have to pipe daylight to him.

And this kind of thing is why the democrats outside the West Coast Soviet are getting decimated.

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