Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Buying in to today's GOP state senate tax scam? Not so fast.

The GOP Senate, BEING the GOP Senate, apparently trotted out their 2/3rds tax approval scam again today.

There's joy in Mudville on the part of some... but that bloom has long since fallen off the rose based on what happened when they did the same thing in 2015... only to get rid of that scam when they wanted to jack up our gas taxes.

Here's a quick reminder of how the GOP-controlled state senate made that happen:

The whole story of how the gas tax happened and the corruption that caused it.


The Legislative "Deal." Grab your crotch... and your wallet. (Reminder: the GOP state senate is screwing us on a massive gas tax increase)


This is our reality.
The GOP State Senate throws out these hero-type maneuvers to make us FEEL that electing them means a damned thing.
That's what their smoke and mirror moves today are for: Eyewash for the unwashed masses.
No one... NO ONE... wishes the GOP Senate was honorable and had integrity more than I do.
No one is sadder about the betrayal of the state senate GOP generally and our own Gas Tax Rivers particularly than I am.
But the reality is that they turn this crap on and off like a switch... and this is no different.

In 2015, they had Brad Owen, then Lt. Governor, by the short hairs on ethics charges.  They owned him like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.

So, Brad did this fake ruling at the GOP Senate's leadership's behest.  And they, correspondingly, were nice enough to let him off the hook without even a slap on the wrist, relative to the issues he is guilty of.
This same Senate is screwing up by paying attention to the State Supreme Court and their entirely unconstitutional McCleary decision.

As a result, they are being maneuvered into both ceding part of their authority to the Court (And once gone, it ain't NEVER coming back) and part of that includes bending us over to screw us on taxes to give those clowns what they want... PRECISELY like they did on their gas tax scam.

Do not be fooled.  They have already shown they can turn this bogus conservatism on and off like a switch.

This is no exception from that.

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