Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Legislative "Deal." Grab your crotch... and your wallet. (Reminder: the GOP state senate is screwing us on a massive gas tax increase)

Wow, everyone with the letter "R" after their name is telling us that a "deal" has been reached and the "deal" is without any tax increases.

Well, the devil is always in the details, and their may be dozens of ways to jack our cash in this deal.

But what remains increasingly likely is that the State Senate GOP, including our own Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers, have screwed us into the ground with the largest gas tax increase in the history of this state that will, in fact, result in billions of additional revenue to pay for a wide variety of things that have nothing to do without roads... all without asking us and, in fact, with steps taken to make as sure as possible that we will not have any say.

Here's the story that I put up months ago that explains it.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

When does a rule declared "unconstitutional" by the President of the State Senate suddenly become constitutional again?

Earlier this session, a couple of things happened simultaneously in our state senate that homeboy (me) cordially detested as a betrayal of GOP tenets.
The signs were startlingly clear; in everything from allowing a bogus, nonsensical emergency clause to refusing to add a referendum clause, they could also have overturned the lieutenant governor's bogus edict that the farce of a GOP senate rule was "unconstitutional" (As if that was his call) by implementing the rules of the senate that REQUIRE a vote to change the rules... 
The Senate could vote to overturn Owen’s ruling. Majority Republicans, who pushed through passage of the rule at the beginning of the 105-day legislative session in January, didn’t tip their hand about whether they would challenge it.
They didn't.  It was a vote that never came... And that means the GOP Senate has made it clear that they WANT to impose this massive tax increase on us.
They've made it just as clear that they don't WANT us to have any say.
I have yet to hear how that is different from the democrats.
We are selling our gas tax souls for a paltry 1.3% of the total package... less than $200 million out of $15 billion statewide... goes to Clark County.
Well.... guess what?

The rule... declared unconstitutional by our esteemed Lieutenant Governor so that the GOP could ram a gas tax down our throats... is suddenly back in effect!
The first instance occurred back on Jan. 12, the opening day of the 2015 legislative session. In a 26-23 partisan tally, the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus passed a new rule that required a two-thirds vote to pass any new taxes. That rule would have effectively scuttled a capital gains tax proposed by House budget writers. Lt. Gov. Bruce Owen, who presides over the Senate, declared the rule unconstitutional and void on March 1. On Thursday, Owen, a conservative Democrat, did an about-face, declaring the 60-percent-amendment rule valid.

"Unconstitutional" (Which is not something the Lieutenant Governor CAN rule) when they need it to be (i.e., to get a gas tax rammed down our collective throats) and then suddenly completely "constitutional" when they need it to be (Budget votes.) all without one word of protest from the GOP majority who easily could have overturned Owen's bogus decree, but who obviously choose not to in order to get the gas tax jack through.

So, now that the rule that brought us the gas tax is back, does that mean that the GOP Senate is now going to reconsider their betrayal and run this legislation through the same filter, this time with the allegedly "unconstitutional" rule back in place?


The GOP scam continues... because you have DAMNED sure not heard about the rule change until now... this very minute.

Wonder why?
Well, we also know that the GOP Senate let the Lieutenant Governor off the hook from his ethics charges.

Put it all together and this variety of corruption stinks.

Meanwhile, when the GOP wanders around telling us what a great job they've done with a "no tax increase budget," remind them of the massive gas tax increase THEY are going to be responsible for with the transportation budget.

Remember that they lied to us when they told us they HAD to do it this way to keep the governor from doing something he could not do anyway: arbitrarily jack up the gas tax on his own (The so-called carbon tax) as much as $1.60 per gallon.

That was as much a lie, which I've been trying to tell everyone from the beginning, as Owen's determination that the off-again, on-again GOP tax rule was "unconstitutional."

Remember who did this to you... to us.  Remember, this is yet another example... at all levels... that there's damned little difference between the GOP and the democrats.

Because what the Republicans in the Senate are doing to us on the gas tax rip off is what the democrats have done for decades.

And out-democrating the democrats is no way for the GOP to continue to expect to govern.

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