Sunday, June 28, 2015

Boehner's latest official portrait

When you have cowards running government, a cowardly president, a cowardly Senate majority leader and, of course, our coward of a Speaker, the current rate of destruction of our country is to be expected.

The NEW and IMPROVED John Boehner.(Credit - Drudge)

Who knew that the GOP majority in Congress would be so politically expedient that the leaders of these Houses would have worn out a gross of kneepads in front of this scumbag?

These people have been out-thought, out-played and out-politicked by an ignorant twit.

Everyone was so excited when the GOP fought their way to control of Congress on a platform of, among other things, getting rid of Obamacare.

Well, that same GOP Congress has sat on it's ass hoping the Chief Leftist of the Supreme Court would do their dirty work for them.  And as unlikely a scenario as that was, common sense, let along common POLITICAL sense, would indicate that two plans should have been in place: one - what does the GOP do if the Court rules against Obamacare?

Two: what does the GOP Congress do if the Court rules for Obamacare?

Clearly, these incompetence had a plan for neither.

So, the signature issue of the GOP in the last cycle, the elimination of Obamacare: the entire reason they were elected... remains unaddressed and as much in effect now as it was a year ago.

And it's the GOP's fault, start to finish.

In honor of that and other political betrayals such as giving the president even MORE power by voting for bills they never bothered to read and which were kept secret from the American people, like so much of what our government does, I provide you all with the latest portrait of Speaker John Boehner.

Although a meld with the Belle of Botox, Nancy Pelosi, would be much more appropriate since there genuinely is no telling them apart, this is the best that could be done on short notice.

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Lew Waters said...

More and more, not a lick of difference can be seen between Democrats & Republicans.

Maybe just that each chooses a different knife to stab us in the back with