Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lying Lefty Lou: "You're a scumbag."

It's become clear to me over the years during Lying Lefty's tenure here as our own local version of Goebbels, that he is little more than a whiny bitch.

Generally, Lying Lefty's columns can be divided into 3 categories:


Among the very most self-congratulatory leftists among us, Lying Lefty has one of the larger soapboxs around to pat himself on the back as someone he claims to know, well, dies.... so he can babble about how he used to get that person his coffee and a pastry back in 75, or something.

Those he pats himself on the back WITH, likely have no recollection of this back-bencher wallflower, likely had no idea who Lying Lefty actually was/is, you understand, but Lying Lefty's self-loathing forces him to take every opportunity to tell us how great he thinks he is.

No one I've read in print pats himself on the back with such frequency and such force.

As if that mattered to anyone but him.

Lying in support of his agenda.

And how that man can lie.

From the charter scam where he finally broke and told the truth, that our entire system of local government was trashed by those on the left who hated David Madore, to his dogged support of the CRC/Loot Rail Scam, through the ballpark scam... their was no lie, either through commission or omission, he would not use to buttress his agenda.

For example, 3 years ago it was discovered that the Oregon State Supreme Court had ruled that the entire purpose of the CRC Scam was to stuff loot rail into Clark County.

Those words have never appeared in an article in Lying Lefty's democratian rag, because they never fit Lying Lefty's meme: that we needed to replace the I-5 Bridge because of age, or safety, or something.

Putting out the truth as determined by Oregon's Supreme Court?

That would NEVER do.

So, he never did it.  And it's not like he didn't KNOW.  It's much more like he knew that would be the death knell for his dying project.

Hatred of the right generally, Benton/Madore and Mielke specifically.

This represents the vast majority of Lying Lefty's efforts.

Literally for years now, Lying Lefty has used his column of lies to trash those men smart enough to disagree with him and to whip up those incapable of thinking for themselves, which is the standard definition of your average, run of the mill leftist.

I say "men" because he's much more circumspect when it comes to women who oppose his agenda.  Many have been quite effective in putting a stop to his political idiocy on projects such as the CRC/Loot Rail scam... with an outcome that made Lying Lefty Lou's dogged insistence on the CRC Scam's completion look as foolish as, well, Marc Boldt's.

Yet, Lying Lefty is ever the gentleman... because, of course, he fears being characterized as someone who beats on women... personally or in print.  So, Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers and Rep. Liz Pike don't feel the sting of Lying Lefty's editorial whip.  While Lying Lefty attempted to trash Jeanne Stewart for standing with the people, it was a half-hearted effort at best.  His last effort was to beat her up over David Madore's support in her election against Pridemore.

The end result is that they call her "Councilor," and Pridemore "loser."

Lying Lefty feels no such compunction when it comes to local male political targets, however.

Face it: locally, David Madore was a huge player in killing the CRC Scam, even before he took office.  He went out of pocket to hire the forensic accountant, Tiffany Couch, who ferreted out most of the corruption of the CRC Scam and publicized it, also providing ammunition for Benton and Rivers in the Senate to kill this crap pile off.

Everything Madore does or tries to do is grist for Lying Lefty's hatred.  Doesn't matter what or how.  And, I admit, some of that is self-inflicted.

But instead of countering Madore's vision with any viable alternative, what does Lying Lefty do?

Where, for example, is Lying Lefty's plan, or any OTHER CRC cheerleader's plan, to address our cross-river transportation issues, save for resurrecting the CRC Scam, most recently tried during the current legislative session by Vancouver's own Hobbit, Sen. Anette Cleveland?

No where.

Even those who fought the CRC Scam have foolishly bought into the "must replace the I-5 Bridge rip off, this time without loot rail" scam, when the LAST thing we need to do is to replace that bridge AFTER two additional bridges are built to the west of the I-5 Bridge to bypass the Portland traffic hell-hole altogether, and one to the east of I-205 in anticipation of the massive growth that will be taking place in east county.

On the political front, Tom Mielke was the lone voice on the county commission to fight this insidious fungus that showed both the best of politicians who actually listened to the people and did their best to represent us, and the very worst: those in government who knew our minds but ignored us regardless.

Combine that with the Mielke-Madore successful effort to dump the local Pravda as the "official newspaper of Clark County" which cost the rag a few bucks... but not nearly as much as Lying Lefty's fringe-left attacks against anyone to the right of Mao... and this is what you get.

And Benton had been among the very loudest voices in opposition to the CRC rip off from the very beginning, way back during the first effort in the 90's, an effort crushed 70/30 county-wide back when we were actually allowed to vote.

Lying Lefty went all in on the downtown mafia project, and he got his ass handed to him in a basket.  And somebody has to pay for making Lying Lefty look like an idiot.

Although he frequently manages to do that all on his own, without any one's help.

So, in the end, today's column was a Cat 3 combo: a combination of hatred of Benton, Madore and Mielke, and some of his own whiny, sniveling, "I'm a victim" crap that is sickening to read.

Because, in reality, Benton was dead on:  Lying Lefty Lou IS a scumbag.  And while the truth must hurt Lying Lefty, it is refreshing to read it in print.

His fellow leftist nutjobs will be "outraged," of course, though most of them have said far worse about Benton as Lying Lefty himself has written far worse.  The C3G2 ("Clark County Citizens for Leftist Governance) hate site is replete with trash talking, fringe-left insults against those three.  Lying Lefty and his minions are folk heroes over there.

This is just another of the many signs that Lying Lefty can dish it out, but like most playground bullies, he can't take it.

Everyone has a lot in life, Lefty.  Yours just happens to be that of "scumbag."

And you should be used to it by now.

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LewWaters said...

Since we have no evidence Benton said that, I would say he was "allegedly" labeled a scumbag.

That he is is a given, we know that ;-)