Thursday, January 12, 2017

What's the big deal bout "Fake News?" We've had it around here for years and years.

Lately, there's been a brouhaha about "Fake News."

I'm not so sure that should be.

First, those in the political realm have known that all to often, the major media outlets have been running their lie factories the same way Lefty Lou runs his.

Second, with apologies to Mark Twain, "If you don't read the newspaper or watch mainstream media, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper or watch mainstream media, you're mis-informed.”

Third, all too often, common sense goes out the window based on a headline.  One need go no father than the New York Times/Washington Post or our own local hate site, C3G2.

But Fake News is certainly not a recent phenomena.

News outlets have long since forgotten what the art of journalism is SUPPOSED to be, and instead, they've morphed into egomaniacal, self-important movers and shakers of the public to their inevitably and increasingly fringe-left agenda.

And those who oppose their efforts at manipulation, or those who refuse to kiss their collective asses have mountains of print heaped upon them as they make it up to get what they want.

The rag thrives on Fake News.  The push it every chance they get when it fits there meme.

We've had (and continue to have) fake news about the CRC/Loot Rail scam for long over a decade.  Fake news.  Fake studies.  Fake polls.  Fake support ("we advocated for a loot rail CAPABLE I-5 bridge replacement" except back when it mattered.  then it was "no loot rail, no bridge.") when anyone commuting knows that we do not need a new bridge for anything BUT light rail... and that we need ADDITIONAL bridges in OTHER locations.

We've had fake news over the Pollard Hilton.

We've had fake news over candidates the rag has supported... against them when the rag opposed them, and for them when the rag supported them.

We've had fake news over the efforts to rein in the leftists on the city council and the county council.

We've had fake news over the Yakima Millionaires ballpark scam.

We've certainly had fake news over the lies the democratian kept pushing about the Benton hiring. 

So, no.  This isn't a new thing.

What it is, however, is like so many other things the President-Elect has been doing.  What it is, is that he is drawing attention to it and calling those responsible out for their efforts... and he is removing their cloak of immunity because they're used to being able to crush people and ideas with impunity.

I wish we had a Trump-like political gun fighter around here.  I wish we had someone who had a large enough shadow to take these people on and bust them every time they lie, every time they exaggerate, every time they attack someone who cannot fight back...

The ownership of this cancer on our community is equally responsible for providing a platform for local fake news.  They and they alone are responsible for failing to exercise that level of control over the monster they've loosed on our community that would result on strict adherence to the science of journalism instead of allowing a psycho to run rampant over a community like he owned it and the 13th Amendment was the 13th suggestion.

So, yeah... we've had fake news for decades... both locally and nationally.  In fact, Propaganda Minister Goebbels would be proud.

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