Saturday, January 14, 2017

Boger finally admits he's going after the District court appointment: since he'll never be elected to judge

As I indicated earlier, Boger going dark politically was because he wanted the appointment to replace District Court Judge James Swanger, who recently announced his retirement... and who Boger knew quite some time ago WOULD be retiring..

That also explains his slavish, idiotic devotion to get Marc "yeah, I only got 39% of the vote" Boldt the position of county council chair.

As the RINO-in-chief, Boger has an extensive recent history of political whining, sniveling and, of course, tantrum-throwing stupidity when it comes to a variety of political prognostications and gullibility.  Of course, to BE a RINO is to BE gullible, so I suppose that goes without saying.

Fortunately, I'm given to understand that he's not the only choice.

Experienced former prosecutor and 20-year former Superior Court Judge as well as current Battle Ground Judge Roger Bennett also tossed his hat in the ring... Clearly, if this is based on merit, it should be Bennett all the way.

But the county council has defied common sense for so long; it's the kind of thing you can expect.

Boger, no doubt, has worn out multiple sets of knee pads in front of the 4 Stooges in his support of their tax increases, their fee increases, their expansion of government and their hijacking of local democracy ("I don't need no stinking 'will of the people'")

Bennett's credentials, however, are SO overwhelmingly good that there is no question that he should get the appointment.  Combine that with the leftist/RINO support showing under his Facebook post, and, well, if Boger gave a damn about this community, he'd do us all a favor and withdraw.

But this has never been about the community.  This has always been about Boger... perhaps the most predictable political weenie around.

Meanwhile, I expect Boger's lame attempt at revisionist history by trying to sterilize his Facebook won't change anything.  And I also expect that if the council does the right thing (as if they have since the first of last year) that Boger will, once again, be disappointed and will find himself able to continue to shoot off his mouth to leftist/RINO adulation that he so unerringly craves.

Brent Boger should not be a judge.  He has repeatedly shown that his judgment, his lack of ethics (look up "Scott Weber" for a refresher course) and his inability to control his emotions makes him entirely unsuitable for a position that requires detached wisdom, experience that Boger doesn't have and a lack of political ambition by someone who would use this gig as a stepping stone to begin the climb up the judicial ladder.

If the council is concerned about this community, they'll do the right thing and give the gig to Bennett.  If they want a politically gullible lap dog, then Boger will be their guy.

And, of course, if Boger does get this job, Bennett would mop the floor with him in a special election. Time will tell, but I have little hope THIS council is capable of doing the right thing for us in any respect, let along this choice for judge.

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Brian J. Rohan said...

No amount of his social media cleaning will wipe saved screenshots that others have.