Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stunning news: After being in office for more than 6 years, our cardboard cutout of a fake congresswoman is ACTUALLY going to hold a town hall meeting!

Wow.  Will wonders never cease?

With her typical lack of forethought, not to mention foresight, our utterly-worthless-to-date congresswoman has deigned to spend a few minutes with the peons... namely, us.

As you might expect from someone so utterly clueless, she puts this out with a WHOLE THREE DAYS NOTICE, AND, of course, this idiot is going to hold this farce during lunch, for ONE WHOLE HOUR, at 40 et 8 in Hazel Dell.

A whole hour.  After 6 years.

Herrera has been mailing it in since she got here from being parachuted in by Cathy McMorris way back in 07.

Like her predecessor (Brian Baird) or hate him, he was everywhere, most all the time, until he decided not to run for re-election and decided to mail it in.  It was the rare week when he wasn't holding these things, so one thing it's hard to fault him on was his accessibility.  Also, unlike Herrera, he actually owned a house and lived here... whereas Herrera only visits.

Wouldn't want to actually live among the unclean constituents, would we?

In reality, it's not worth going to.  If she gets a hard time, I expect that she'll never hold another one of these wastes of time again... since I expect her to have planted questions, pre-chosen questioners and, of course, I expect her to "Obama" her answers, taking 20 minutes to answer a single question, making sure things don't get out of hand... and limiting her exposure (she's never been the brightest bulb on the tree) to those who would attempt to pin her down.

If she actually gave a damn about us, she'd have scheduled this weeks ago, and set it up for multiple evenings at multiple locations and for more than 2 hours at each... instead of the one hour she's deigned to give us.

Had she had the guts/work ethic of even a Baird, perhaps she'd be something besides a worthless back-bencher and actually DO something worthy of keeping her in her congressional seat.  You know, like solving our cross-river transportation issues?

But no, that's far too much to ask from this lightweight, vacuous social climber.

And... one wonders: is it coincidence that this is happening with Trump getting sworn in?  The same Trump she opposed for president?

The world wonders.

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Jeremy said...

Kally When is the town hall meeting or is it just one of her stupid coffees where she controls whom speaks and what she says so she does not get recorded?