Tuesday, January 31, 2017

As expected, our local RINO congresswoman joins the left on the Trump Order; time to boot her out of the GOP.

Doubling down on her election stupidity, our cardboard cutout of a fake congresswoman joined with the left to cement her position... and our district... as a pariah in the halls of government as she does all she can for the greater glory of Jaime.

How anyone so politically inept could get elected 3rd-grade hall monitor is a far greater mystery than how Trump won.

Stunningly enough, there doesn't seem to be a single poll that indicates the majority of the people... which would presumably include the majority of the 3rd Congressional District, in fact, opposes Trump's efforts on banning terrorists.

Like most of the RINO ilk, what her constituents want means nothing to Ridgefield Barbie.  Unfortunately, that's a disease that has spread beyond her... our on locakAnn "Gas Tax" Rivers and the $700 million bill Rivers chained around this county's neck to pay for Seattle's transportation boondoggles... and instead of realizing how badly she's screwed it up for us, she feels compelled to join with the left and make it all worse.
For what?  She's hardly the one to preach from the moral high ground.  In fact, she's coming across like a female version of my brother-in-law.  And how can that be a good thing?

Those in the GOP around here who voted for this vacuous waste of space tend to ignore her leftist leanings... where her votes and her positions have little to differentiate her from, say, Jim Moeller.

Now would be a great time for the local GOP to finally follow through on what's been needed so long: Herrera's expulsion from the GOP. Otherwise, her leftward drift will finally and with increasing irrevocability become a full on leftist party change... without bothering to go through the formality of announcing she was no longer in the GOP... although anyone paying close enough attention could tell you that merely from her pronouncements and voting history.

Yes, it's time.  Now more than ever the message must be sent to those in office that with great responsibility comes great ACCOUNTABILITY.   And in the short term, there is no better way to make that happen.


Sparrowhawk said...

Where did you read that Beutler is opposing Trump's order? Did you mean the immigration order? Please post a reference/link.
Thank you,

Just a guy said...

Happy to oblige.