Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Seems like Inslee's brain is disassembling.

As expected, the fringe leftists around here... our worthless fake congresswoman Herrera, our two state cows Murray and Cantwell, and the unmitigated disaster of our latest worthless senate candidate/RINO/incompetent former GOP chair Chris Vance have been implementing Rham Emanuel's dictate  to never let a good crisis go to waste.

But few have screwed it up worse than our whack-job governor, Jay Inslee.

He did a little speech, about six minutes long, that I urge you to watch... but through a different eye.

Don't look for content, he was just mouthing the usual verbiage of fringe-left slime who would shoot their own children before supporting ANYTHING Trump would do.  Think in terms of Lyin' Lefty Lou Brancaccio and David Madore: Lefty Lou would shoot himself before he acknowledged that Madore had done ANYTHING right.

Ignore the title of this video.  Like most of what Inslee spews here, the title is a lie and in this video, Inslee didn't declare Trump an Enemy of the United States.  Instead, look below the surface.  Look at how he says what he says.  Look at how disjointed he is... how he repeats things... how he seems to struggle to find ways to express himself.

The content, of course, is worthless.  But that's not the issue here.  The issue here is the mechanics of how he goes about it.  Inslee is a very physically sick man, politics aside.

I've been hearing for years that Inslee manifests symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.  Shaking hands... mood swings... disjointed thinking.

Clearly, Inslee's brain is becoming increasingly impacted by that malady... or that man was drunk, or stoned or both when he spouted this babble.

Watch how he does what he does. Draw your own conclusion.

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