Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Here's a Republican to be "ashamed of:" Chris Vance.

Like so many RINO's, abysmal Congressional and senate candidate Chris Vance claims to be Republican while their words and actions speak to something entirely different.

Here locally, RINO Jaime Herrera has joined with the left in condemning President's Trumps efforts to keep us safe by restricting immigration from seven heavily terrorist countries.

Of course, like the leftists she so admires neither they nor Herrera, spewed out a peep of opposition when Barack Obama did the exact... same... thing back in 2011.

No one ever claimed that Herrera was the brightest bulb on the tree and this sort of hypocrisy merely serves to confirm it.

Not to be out-done, the disaster of a former State GOP Chair, Chris Vance, claims that "Republicans should be ashamed."

Well, many likely are.  Not so much of the President... since most (all?) polling seems to support his actions.

No... it appears that Republicans are ashamed of the RINOs like Vance and Herrera who cannot help keeping their pie holes shut as they dutifully act like and on behalf of the leftist tools they so clearly are.

There's a reason that under Vance's GOP chairmanship the GOP legislature got hammered into obscurity losing enough seats to fill the Titanic.  There's a reason Adam Smith destroyed Vance in their congressional run.  There's a reason that Patty Murray flattened him like a tank going over a Volkswagen.

And that reason is that Vance has the political awareness of a rock-ape.

In fact, like Herrera, take the opposition positions of those they espouse is typically the wisest course.

This article is so full of crap it's beyond belief.  He lies repeatedly, sounding like a speech-writer for Chuck Schumer.

There are many reasons Murray beat him like a rented step-child.  His lack of knowledge, his lack of facts, his RINO sheen that kept the base away in droves... his unfathomable sell out to the fringe-left in his bizarre opposition to Trump's election, preferring Clinton instead.. all of that makes it clear that no matter WHAT Trump does, this clown will be opposing it as he kisses the collective asses of the King County voters and increases his RINO footprint to the detriment of the state GOP as a whole... just like he did when he ran it.

Yes, Republicans have "shame" for someone all right.  But in the main in this state, that guy is named "Vance," and not "Trump."

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