Saturday, December 17, 2016

The lie of the C3G2 hate site:

As the largest local hate site in the area for the fringe left, I was struck by the hypocrisy of these morons:

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Guideline Number 4:


They left out the asterisk: * Unless he or she happens to be a conservative generally and David Madore in particular.

The hypocrisy of the rules is displayed here:

John "Cockroach" Laird calls Madore "Pastor."

The fringe-left idiots in this thread already know that when the target is to the right of Mao, Rule 4 doesn't apply and is never enforced.

In fact, THE most sickening comment on that hate thread goes to this nutberger:

Fran Hammond I do think there needs to be a civil line drawn and the personal attacks that were witnessed today should not be allowed!

So, where was Fran "The Hypocrite" Hammond when these same leftists were verbally BEATING David Madore and Tom Mielke to a pulp during commission meetings?  Where was her condemnation of Steve Stuart for lying about a violation of the sunshine act during one of those lynch mob meaning Lefty Lou whipped up?

And if Madore had done what *I* wanted, which was to kick every one of these leftist slime out...permanently... if they had mouthed off like that, what would that have been acceptable to a dense leftist like Fran?

Of course not.  We all know that.  They (and she) would have been bitching like cut cats, being the hypocrites they are and all.

The name calling... the personal attacks... the slander...the libel... where were these scum then?

Where are this hypocrite and the rest of them NOW?  Why has it been OK to break their own rules when the is a conservative?

Why is Fran so set on engaging in the very activity that she condemns in others, along with the rest of the cabal?

A hate site based on hatred... ignoring the rules when the subject is one they, well, hate.

And now, when it comes to the hated Madore?

All bets are off.

Are they all that full of hate?

And the reeking stench of hypocrisy fills the 'net.

Is it any wonder that Carolyn Crain helps to run this cult?

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