Friday, December 16, 2016

Sen. Curtis King still doesn't get it: STOP issuing licenses to illegals.

Sen. Curtis King, best known as the father of the "GOP rape us on the gas tax scam," now is doubling down on his idiocy by helping to cement the insane idea that we, as a state, continue to issue illegal aliens driver's licenses.

The issue remains:  Washington State is guilty of harboring illegal aliens.  We provide them with legal forms of ID, admission to our schools, including our state universities, and they are even eligible for grants and aid, again thanks to the RINO controlled GOP caucus of the state senate.

Now, there's an increasingly bigger push from the Fed to require all states (47 states are in compliance) to make driver's licenses actually identify the holder... which cannot be done under the current laws of this state, which allows illegals to get licenses without any proof whatsoever of who they are based on any standard that any of the rest of us have to meet to get federally recognized ID.

King now has become an advocate of the "dual-tiered" license, one of which will be federally recognized at, for example, airports; and the other won't be... for anything, apparently, but that.

Like registering to vote, for example.  The left, of course, wants the illegals to vote: their calculus is that they'll vote left, which is why we have scum like the mayors of our larger cities in this state breaking the law by harboring these criminals.  King... being King... is aiding in this effort by legitimizing these law breakers by government fiat.

This past election, that moron in the White House actually ENCOURAGED illegals to vote.  He's brought millions of them in because he knew that on the issues, the left was DOA.

Naturally, exclusive of the insanity of illegals getting ANYTHING from us that helps them stay here in violation of our laws, the proof-of-citizenship license will no doubt be more expensive, because as any homeless veteran will tell you, the left takes much better care of illegals than we do our discarded warriors.

So, Sen. King, already showing that he could care less what the people of this state think (He and Sen. Gas Tax Rivers certainly have THAT in common) will cheerfully stick it to us as HE goes along with this scam:
Lawmakers said there is not enough support to change the law to require proof of legal residence to get a Washington license. Senate Transportation Committee Chair Curtis King, R-Yakima, said he is glad the current law enables everyone to get driver's licenses.
"Even if you are here illegally, that you ought to be able to get a driver's license so that if you are stopped, we can identify you," said King.
What a complete RINO idiot.  "There wasn't enough support" is code speak for "the legislative left wouldn't go along with it, so we have to do it their way."

After all, that IS the definition of "compromise" in the legislature.

I wonder if he'd be "glad" if an illegal shot one of his family members?

My guess?

Not so much.

This guy is unfit for 3rd grade hall monitor, let alone state senator and Transportation Chair.  One of my major disappointments is that a true Republican didn't take this clown out in the recent election.

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