Friday, December 16, 2016

Memo to Herrera and Rivers:

Look.... I get that you're a sellout and you've hung a $700 million bill around the necks of the people of this county as you lied to get elected to the senate...

Why you're so dense that you honestly seem to believe that we need to replace the I-5 bridge BEFORE the two additional bridges we need are built and instead of going after Administration help to fund THOSE two bridges FIRST, you seem stuck on the downtown mafia idea that bringing loot rail into Clark County will accomplish ANYTHING, besides enriching the special interests who clearly own you like the13th Amendment has become the 13th Suggestion... is beyond me.

And the reality is that this is where Herrera needs to get off HER wide-glide and make something happen.

Barbie, play time is over.  Letting everyone else do your job ain't gonna cut it.

There is zero need to replace the I-5 Bridge.  None.  Building a bridge to Hillsboro would slash traffic through the I-5 corridor, and result in a massive cut in traffic from Vancouver to the 405 and then up 26 to our local Silicon Valley.

Replacing the I-5 will ONLY happen if loot rail is in there somewhere and accomplish absolutely nothing that would de-saturate the I-5 corridor.

As the Oregon Supreme Court concluded, the ONLY reason to replace the I-5 Bridge is to get loot rail into Clark County.  What makes that problematic is that our number one issue isn't loot rail; it's congestion.

And as the CRC Scammer's own statistics show, this will do, effectively, nothing to solve that.

There is zero reason to see this as anything but corruption and incompetence.

And the democratian "this is the best we can do" excuse? 

That's crap.  That's cover for their incessant loot rail/bridge replacement yammering that makes no more sense today than it did when the CRC Scam was temporarily buried.

Rivers was just stupidly reelected, though, so she doesn't care anymore about selling us out on her bridge scam now than she gave a damn about lying to us to get elected back in 2012.

As a community, we would be geometrically better off if NOTHING is done about the I-5 Bridge then doing what these clowns want... which is the wrong thing.

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