Thursday, December 15, 2016

What is it with the RINOs who helped to get Boldt elected?

Wow, they've sure gone silent about Boldt screwing us.

Why is that?

They were so PROUD of hooking up with the leftists (who turned them into tools) when Boldt won... and we lost.

One of the main hypocrites thinks that because he didn't (apparently... you never know, considering how this sort lies and all) vote for Boldt that he bears NO responsibility for Boldt's rape of our wallets.

This clown DOES admit to voting for two other leftists (Stuart and Dalesandro) but he forgets to mention his PERSONAL efforts to help the left cull the conservative herd via the leftist Neirenberg PAC that gave control of this county's government to his fellow leftists.

Boldt has done absolutely everything I said he would do.  He doesn't give a damn about the will of the people now... just like he didn't give a damn about the will of the people then.

Now, Boldt's screwing us on taxes and fees while he's screwing the Sherriff's budget... and correspondingly, us with it.

And these scum are as quiet as church mice.

They deflect.  They shuffle.  They act like they've never heard of Boldt.

How weird is that?  They had so much to say at the time... and now that my predictions about the scumbag they supported have come true, they are verbal back holes about it.

About 61% of the people of this county didn't want that simpering idiot to run the county council.  And, as I said he would, he is making us all suffer as a result.

Also, as I suspect, those, like Waters, who are responsible for this debacle have even lied to themselves, let alone us, about where the responsibility for this debacle lay.  The fake Republicans of Carolyn "Loser -C3G2 hater mod" Crain, Brent Boger's RINO efforts and of course Lewwy "Trump ain't gonna get elected/is a Hillary plant so SHE gets elected" Waters who operates on a level of political hatred astounding in it's breadth and depth.

I didn't really expect them to say anything.  After all, they got what they wanted... leftist control of the county government.  That we'll get screwed sideways because of their political ignorance and stupidity is secondary to their goal.

And that THEY are responsible for this?

They'll never admit it in a million years.  And how sad is that?

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