Sunday, December 18, 2016

In My View: the democratian continues to wound.

Didn't bother to read beyond the headline of today's lie set (Councilors Left Wounds) that was emailed to me.... that typically makes the rag look like the democrat daily/Pravda Izvestia. 

Look, here's the reality: the ONLY thing that matters to Lefty Lou and his Winged Monkeys (remember, the fish rots from the head down) is their agenda.

What we want?  What we've voted for?  What common sense requires?

If it doesn't match their fringe-left, huge government, screw the taxpayer agenda?

Then they come after you.  Regardless of what we've said at the polls.

Oppose the CRC scam?  Oppose loot rail?  Oppose downtown taxpayer financed redevelopment?  Oppose their idiotic ball park scam?  Oppose ANYTHING these clowns want... REGARDLESS of what WE want... and political jihads are what you're going to get.

(So Lou, haven't seen anything concerning your moronic Trump column a few weeks ago... you know, the one that talked about how Trump was going to handle his loss?  The one your fellow fringe-left nutters used to beat on conservatives?

Bonus stupidity from Lou's fantasy column:
Michael Piper ·

I hope he accepts his loss with some respect and dignity. And I hope he doesn't incite violence. People are very upset about two of the most unliked candidates in the history of polling.
So, Pier, apparently, is OK with leftist inspired violence.)

For the most part, those that the rag are denigrating once again (something they've done literally hundreds of times) did what they said they would do or at least made an effort to do what they said they were going to do (and the rag did everything they could to block many of their efforts) and did a great deal to reflect the districts they represented.

The local cancer on our community doesn't care about that: veer away from their agenda and they will beat on you like a gong.

If only the rag hadn't pathologically lied to us for so long on the issues confronting us: downtown redevelopment scam that led to the Pollard Hilton...The CRC/Loot Rail scam that made $200,000,000 disappear without a single shovelful of dirt being turned.... the support of Gas Tax Rivers' rip off and lie to get elected that will make SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS disappear from this county, ALSO against our will; the support of the downtown mafia's slick deals with people like Ellie Kasab; building swap scams (the bankrupt democratian building magically turning into city hall, for example; a deal that STILL stinks; corrupt candidates let off the hook for their lies, like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, who as I repeatedly pointed out at the time, ran ANOTHER campaign of lies to get elected to head the Taliban City Government of the Vancouver Soviet, when he lied about his bogus opposition to tolls... Gas Tax Rivers, Scott "The Liar" Weber who ran on a platform of getting rid of his position as an elective office; that Blom punk who ran as a fake Republican to become the 4th democrat on the county council, and their support of the charter scam and all the lies they told about THAT....  and the ongoing jihad against ANY conservative... ALL have wounded and will continue to wound this community.

The rag is all fine with that.

There is, you see, no lie these scum will not tell to get their way.  No exaggeration.  No expression of hate or disdain beyond them.  After all, who could forget that scumbag editor Johnny Laird, referring to those of us wise enough to oppose his favorite CRC/Loot Rail scam as "cockroaches?"

Wounds have been and will continue to be inflicted on us by these people.  And those doing the inflicting will do so with the help and support of the scum behind and working for this very carbuncle on our county.

Yes, wounds have been inflicted.  Such as the wounds that would have been struck had these scum been successful in their desire to screw us on the CRC Scam, which would have had our county drained of $100,000,000 plus in ever-increasing tolls for each of  FORTY FRICKING CONSECUTIVE YEARS, tolls these scum wouldn't have to pay.  Dollars that our small business infrastructure depends on to survive.

And now, as the days go by and our taxes and fees continue to shoot straight up, thanks to the al Qaida County Council of 3 Stooges... precisely like I said it would, come to think of it... as they continue to work at warp speed on an unneeded and unwanted I-5 Bridge replacement that represents the triple threat of both being completely unneeded, completely unaffordable AND completely senseless when it comes to TRULY addressing our local transportation needs... which obviously requires that two other bridges; one to the east of I-205 and one to the west of I-5 to the Hillsboro area... and they have long since become the chinese water torture of incessant, leftist crap... they do all of that with the rag's support.

The democratian will continue to support most tax and fee increases, as long as those increases do not involve them... after all, even now they demand that all fees concerning development be reinstated... since among Lefty's other talents?

He's a rank hypocrite.

So yeah, the rag will continue to wound... just like they have for the almost 30 years I've had the misfortune of living here.

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