Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blog Talk: Predicting how Lefty Lou handles Hillary loss.

At some point, Lefty will do us all a favor and leave the newspaper business.

Our community will be much better off in his absence, much like it's better off in the absence of John "Cockroach" Laird who did almost as much harm here locally as Lefty "Madore Fetish" Brancaccio has done since Scott Campbell helped screw up his despicable rag by ever hiring that clown.

That said, as the local paragon and spokesman for the left and RINOs here generally, it's not surprising that Lefty would write some idiocy about Trump losing.

Now, there's no doubt that Lefty dropped this turd before the FBI reopened the Hillary email scam and her polls dropped faster than Brancaccio's integrity where money is involved.

Will Lefty spend the remainder of his tenure at the daily democrat cranking out anti-Trump tripe like he did anti-Madore tripe while staying strangely silent about Obama's incompetence and lies?

Clearly, Lefty has shown that he knows as much about politics as he does brain surgery.  And since there's not all that much to work with in his head, sloshing around in vino, that ain't all that much.

Meanwhile, Lou, a little humility?  A little honesty?  A little acknowledgement that in reality, you're as biased a leftist as any of your WikiLeaks outed colleagues... such an acknowledgement of what we already know might.... MIGHT.... provide you with some modicum of respect.

But I doubt it.

Looking forward to your mea culpa this weekend... but not holding my breath since you're incapable of acknowledging so many truths... including the truth that on this, like so many other things... you were flat, fricking wrong.

If only we had a media that told the truth.  Because what we have here certainly doesn't.

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