Saturday, November 12, 2016

Uh, oh… looks like some of the local RINO/#NeverTrump types are crawling out from under their rocks to make excuses for being so completely, utterly, wrong.

How many times they assured us that Trump would never win, either the election or even the nomination. In fact, how many times they sounded like they were on the DNC staff in their whiny babbling.  That I knew they were wrong and said as much is not the thing: the leftist/RINO whining about it is.

Now, one of the local RINO converts sounds like a Soros type blockading a freeway, protesting when he snivels about Trump losing the popular vote.

Well, many tried to tell these morons they were flat, dead, wrong about the outcome… but in their oh, so, superior airs THEY knew better and WE were wrong.

Dead wrong.

For those types of mentally damaged individuals, there’s nothing Trump can do, nothing he can accomplish, nothing that will happen that would cause them to reevaluate their positions. After all, the very idea that a RINO NeverTrump type COULD have been wrong is simply out of the question in their minds.

It’s so sad that those who know better now have simply become whiny, leftist tools. But such is life for the confirmed irrelevant.  They wouldn't look out of place with the rest of the fringe-left nutjobs.

And how bizarre is that?

Meanwhile, they’ll continue to bitch and whine and moan as they are left in the dustbin of history. They’ll pick at everything; complain about everything… no level of success will matter to them, because in their political hatred, they made their RINO decisions and that’s the end of it.

And that is just sad.

But then, facts and reality are never a part of their meme.

Hatred and anger frequently is.

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