Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Uh, Oh... Crain, Boger and the other fake Republicans got a lot of 'splainin' to do: Boldt endorses Sam Kim.

About every democrat alive has endorsed Republican/Democrat (depends on the day, I guess) Sam Kim against Vicky Kraft in the 17th District.

Imagine my non-surprise when my democrat brother-in-law endorsed county employee and Republican/Democrat (depending on the day) Sam Kim.

I know Kim. I worked with him while I was a consultant for the Battle Ground School District. I also know why he switched to democrat after hooking up with the fake Republican RINO element.

Kim's sister is a democrat state representative.  I suppose it would have been a bit embarrassing for the sister to have to keep explaining why her brother ran as GOP.

That's not the real reason, of course: the real reason is they made him an offer he couldn't refuse involving dollars.  And those dollars... in the high 5 figures for his campaign, was the weight that pulled him over the side.

THIS Sam Kim is completely different from that one.  THAT one would have walked through fire for his principles.  This one?  Well, they had a 5 figure price tag.

But that's neither here nor there.

What THIS post is about is that the RINOs who backed Marc Boldt over a conservative seem to be silent over Boldt's decision to endorse a democrat over Vicki Craft when the balance of House control is hanging by a thread.

Boldt, whose investigation for making $5000 disappear from his 2012 campaign account continues and is under review by the Attorney General's office as this is written... has made his hatred for anyone to the right of Mao crystal clear. 

This seems to be the Jim Mains puppet-master "Boldt is a tool" influence.  Marc doesn't go to the can without getting instructions from Mains... so the impact is rather clear.

Where's Crain?  Where's Boger?  Are they publicly taking my fake Republican brother-in-law to task for this idiocy?

Of course not.

Isn't it odd that Boldt would seem to have so much more in common with his fellow leftists than he did with the Republicans... fake, like Carolyn Crain and Brent Boger... and otherwise... who got this clown elected?  Does Mains have some sort of leash on this guy?

THIS is the kind of thing I warned everyone about back when it mattered.  Boldt votes left, his politics are left and he would do all he could to keep the Legislature out of GOP hands because, well, that's what democrats in this state do.

Right, Marc?

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