Monday, February 08, 2016

Correction on Sam Kim's candidacy: he was at the CCRINO dinner as running for the House seat being vacated by Lynda Wilson.

And that's a shame.

As much as I'd love to see him run... and win... his involvement with that group makes my support impossible.

His name is added to the list of electeds and candidates who I will not support in the upcoming election.

The list is as follows:

Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and her recruited RINO tax and spender lap dog Shane Bowman.

Brandon Vick, who actually had a quite bizarre first term and lied as a part of his reelection as well. (Six committees?  Indeed)  Also having voted "no" on the gas tax, Vick now finds himself basking in Rivers' hypocrisy and, no doubt, wishes he could change his vote.

Otherwise, integrity might rear it's ugly head and Rivers would, no doubt, go out and recruit someone to run against HIM.

Local whiner-in-chief, Washougal City Councilman Brent Boger, one of the "brain trust" behind this snivelfest.

Jeanne Stewart, a major player in keeping a Republican candidate off the general election ballot that resulted in democrat Marc Boldt's win and a RINO majority on the county council... not to mention a 2% property tax increase.

Lynda Wilson, who disappeared during the Liz Pike write-in campaign... rather ironic in the face of everything Pike did for her to get her elected.

Carolyn Crain... who is the driving force behind the RINO Rump Group, throwing a snit at the local GOP because they refused to endorse her idiotic run in the 49th.

Jaime Herrera, who has done far more to us than for us... and who didn't have time to go to this idiocy but who had time to send a video because these "little people" support her and she actually doesn't have to do anything to get re-elected.

Somebody I've never heard of named Greg Noelck.  Another of the RINO v. Conservative types recruited to run against this group's most hated David Madore.  (and ain't it interesting that they have so much in common with... and some of them actually are members of... the C3G2 Hate Group. Political incest at its finest!

Bill Bryant.  Endorsed by the Mainstreamers as I understand it, I'm not interested in McKenna-lite as governor.

Peter VanNortwick.  I can't think of anyone I fought harder for to get elected.  I can't think of anyone outside of Rivers who disappoints me more.

Paul Harris who found a way to launder $5000 to fellow RINO Cathy Dahlquist's unsuccessful campaign to oust Sen. Pam Roach but couldn't be bothered with Lynda Wilson's campaign back in 2014... where Liz Pike is now being punished because of her loyalty to the Party, her effort to thwart their plan to get leftist Boldt in there and her failure to quietly oppose Rivers' agenda... like her newest lapdog, Brandon Vick.  And THAT'S getting to be quite the kennel!

Now, all is forgiven, of course, because they all believe they can have their cake (splintering the local GOP to their own advantage while ripping up the local GOP leadership) and eat it as well (presume local GOP organizational support in the upcoming election.)

They were all at the rump dinner last night, congratulating themselves on the "progress" they made in the last election and, no doubt, plotting for more "success" in the next.... because they don't give a damn if they're in charge and helping to destroy the system here or not: as long as those in power now are stopped.

And, if successful... if they found themselves in the same situation... they'd be just as outraged... and they'd have it coming just as much.

These functions, then, do serve a useful purpose:  It helps to identify those who don't give a damn about the organization except when it suits them.  Many don't give a damn about accountability (Right, Sen. Rivers?)  and many don't give a damn about what the people actually want... and subscribe to the idea that they are all the smartest guys in the room and if you're not doing it their way... you're wrong.

All of these people stuck a finger in the eye of the local GOP last night.  And all of them deserve each other.... and I will vote for none of them I am able to vote for and I will also work to remind everyone else what's going on here and why.

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