Monday, February 08, 2016

Fredi Simpson, WSRP sets the bar impossibly high for the CCRINO group

Gotta wonder.

Fredi Simpson, who is the Washington GOP National Committeewoman, and holds a bunch of other GOP positions decided she'd come down here and get involved with Carolyn Crain's CCRINO group.

She mentioned "threats" she'd received for coming down here... but begged these people to "unite with your county (GOP)"  "Set your differences aside."

Which will never happen.

The "entitlement" attitude of this group reeks.  Their hatred is like a cancerous tumor.  They smell opportunity

Imagine how much better off we'd be as a county if they had fought this hard to get elected in the 49th.

If the CCRINO group can't take the local party apparatus over, then they'll do the best they can to wreck it.

I've got to wonder: does Simpson have any awareness of the CCRINO group's efforts to run their fellow RINOs against conservatives?

If she didn't know... why didn't she?  If she does know, how could she possible suggest these clowns "unite" with the GOP, when they have done much more damage to it than the democrats could ever hope to accomplish?

She, of course, is like most RINOs.  Her only concern is getting people with an "R" after their name elected.  They could be to they left of Mao and she wouldn't care, long as the letter is the right one.

Well, we did that.  ANd now the GOP runs all of Congress... and there's damned little difference between now and when Reid and Pelosi ran things.

Maybe Simpson could tell us again why we should but our collective asses for the GOP?

And having these people untie with a party they despise and want to destroy?

What on earth makes her think for one moment that such a thing is possible?

I will be voting for the democrat for the US Senate, 3rd District Congressional seat, 18th District Senate and whoever is running against Brandon Vick.

If the candidate in the general election for president isn't named Carson or Trump, I'll vote democrat there, as well.

I'll be damned if I vote for fake democrats like these people when I can fill in the block for the real thing.

After all, what's the point?

I mean, the local GOP is doing a TERRRRIBLE job, except for having more Republicans... and even fake Republicans... elected in this county than in the history of this state.

More legislators, more county-wide candidates... than ever.  Undeniable success.  But for many, unsupportable success.

Not because they can do more or better (The RINO element had control for years... and we never had these kinds of results.) but because they allow personalities to intrude and they cut their own noses off to spite their face.

The Crain Method: "HEY, I KNOW!  LET'S WRECK IT!  THAT'LL SHOW 'EM!"

And when those of us who simply will no longer blindly go along with their program either vote against them or sit it out again... well, the Bogers of the world can sooth their collective consciousness and mutter: at least THOSE guys didn't win again.

This whole thing is sickening.  It's a large group of pouting people who haven't been able to get their way because they can't win at the PCO level in enough numbers so they cross their arms and stamp dere widdle footsies.

I will not... I cannot... vote for anyone involved with these clowns.  I will not reward damaging behavior because someone is manipulating someone else into doing THEIR bidding.

I'm no big fan of the local GOP either.  But I understand the system and how it's supposed to work.

This communal snit throwing ain't the way.

It would be a grave error on the part of the CCRINO group to assume the words spoken above indicate everyone must get into lock-step with their views.

Sorry, Vice Chair Simpson:  if you're counting on me to set aside common sense and just keep doing the things that got us into this mess... voting for people who have an inclination or a history of turning their backs on us once they get elected... then you need to count me out.

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