Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The oddity of endorsements: People, generally, can think for themselves when we think at all.

OK. I admit it.  I'm a Trump supporter.

I support Trump for one simple reason: of the two possible winners, the alternative nightmare is unthinkable.

As the RINOs out themselves by recoiling in much more horror over an 11-year-old tape than they ever expressed, say, over the slaughter of 4 Americans in Benghazi... by withdrawing their "endorsements," I began to ponder what that means...

Our increasingly worthless waste of skin congresswoman, a complete puppet owned and operated by Cathy McMorris, (Herrera was something of a party-girl herself, back in the day, or so I'm told) used this as an excuse to do the very thing she hopes and prays that her own increasingly restive GOP base will not do to her... join me in voting for someone else... and I wondered: short of outing herself as yet another establishment RINO... what did her hissy-fit accomplish?

So, when the local GOP takes a hard look at kicking her out (which, to my great disappointment, they did NOT do...) the leftists and the RINOs and that moron running the democratian threw a fit.

But let her engage in this establishment cowardice... (And brighter RINO lights such as Brent Boger have joined her in her faux outrage) and that's all good.  Hypocrite, much?

My question here is this: who is left on this planet that actually votes for anyone based on what someone else thinks?

Here, the standard isn't who to vote FOR, it's who to vote AGAINST.  And I provide the salient facts to back my position.

When the democratian endorsed Lou's buttbuddy Rivers, did they mention she lied to get elected?  Did they mention her pledge not to support gas tax and tab fee increases?  Did they mention her lies cost us $700 million dollars, including $500 million sucked out of our pockets for projects in Spokane and, of course, King County?

Nope. Can't do anything to injure the meme.

*I* mention these realities because they're true.  Truth is a typically foreign concept to that despicable rag; As shown here the rag will endorse anyone that Lou drinks with or who kisses his ass or the ass of the rag's agenda.

As I pointed out earlier, there was no question, for example, that Lefty Lou was going to endorse Wilson.  After all, the with the rag circling the drain, he's got to keep those ad buys from DeWils coming in, right?  A deal's a deal, ain't it?

That, of course, is one of the main reasons endorsements are utterly worthless from other politicians and from the media.

Endorsements can be, and obviously have been, bought for good, American cash money.

They can also be bought by kowtowing to the king, so to speak... or at least the "king" in his own mind.

In this instance, we are best served by voting for everyone the democratian opposes.

Generally, that's what I do.  Almost all of my ballot will be covered with the opposite vote from the one Lefty wanted.

For my part, unlike the rag, I actually urge prospective voters to dig deep and research their choices.  Find out what these people are made of.  Email them questions (every once in a while, they may even deign to respond to your questions, though most won't (Note the counter in the left column here... today is the 248th day that Gas Tax Rivers has ignored my request for her to explain her lies in the town hall meeting she held on January 9th in Battle Ground) )

In the interim, I again urge you to blow past what ANYONE says, INCLUDING me.  Do your own research.  Ask yourself: do these people who want us to elect them give a damn about us?  Do they vote their own agendas or do they actually represent their district?  Have they lied to get elected?  Are they lying now?  Are they making any promises?  If so, what are they?  If they aren't, why aren't they?  If they aren't, then why should we vote for them?

That those endorsed by the rag or other politicians have received that accolade because they bought somebody off, made the deal that sold us out, carried the rag's water like Gunga Din, drink with Lou, or any other reason can NEVER be a substitute for your due diligence and your own research.

And if you're unwilling to do the work?

Do us all a favor: don't vote.

Leave it to those who actually care enough to matter.  For God's Sake, don't just sit there with a voter pamphlet and make a decision off of that: Greg Kimsey showed how criminal those lies can be and we've been moronic enough to keep him in office for years.

Do the work.  Leave your biases and emotions out of it.  Look at where we are, how we got here and where we're going.

Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?

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