Monday, October 10, 2016

Not surprising that Lou endorsed Rivers, being buds and all. But leaving out the lie?

As expected, Lou endorsed another RINO for election,  In fact, it's not surprising at all, given that once Lou loves you...

Meanwhile, THE most bizarre element of Lou's love note was this passage:
For example, Rivers voted in favor of an increase to the gas tax in 2015, a bill designed to raise $16 billion for transportation projects. While it might have been politically expedient to oppose any tax increase as a matter of principle — as some Republicans from Southwest Washington did — Rivers understood that climbing on board would help deliver construction projects for her district. She demonstrated the kind of pragmatism that is beneficial to her constituents.
Odd.  Lou doesn't mention that Rivers bailed on her promise to oppose the gas tax the rag is so proud of her for ignoring.

He doesn't mention that 75% plus of her district OPPOSED the gas tax she betrayed us for... and got elected TO oppose.

They don't mention our net $500 million LOSS thanks to her.

They don't mention her lies and excuses at her town hall meeting of January 9 in Battle Ground, where she indicated that she could be replaced by an accountant, since it was all a "business decision."

(Credit Lew Waters/Brent Boger for handing me this particular rhetorical club)

Of course, the democratian's got some strange ideas as to what integrity and honor really are, so that's not terribly surprising.

I will be voting for Eric Holt.  I don't particularly agree with his politics, but I would rather have a full-blown Democrat who tells the truth, than the fake variety like Rivers who lies to us... repeatedly... and often.

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