Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Why I am done with the Seahawks.

Seattle's own version of professional athlete, attention grabbing, whining Kaeperpick wannabe is a fellow named Jeremy Lane.

Lane, having, apparently, previously failed to developed an original thought of note in his own head for the entirety of his life, made the moronic decision to become a Kaeperpick wanna be; and he, too, is going to sit on his dumb ass during our National Anthem... and neither the Seahawks nor the NFL are going to do a damned ting about it.

Well, as much as I love football... and as much as I'm a huge Seahawks fan, being from Seattle and having attended one of their very first games... against the Raiders... in the Kingdome... I will have nothing to do with them as long as Lane sits.

The failure of the Seahawks to discipline this clown for whizzing on this country every week is inexplicable.

Yeah, yeah... I've heard all the garbage about his nonexistent "rights."

He, in fact, DOES have rights.  But they don't apply here, and Seattle's acquiescence to this moron along with the NFL's failure to step in and REQUIRE these people to show respect for the country that has made many of them multi-millionaires, including Lane, who is also a multi-millionaire (He just signed a 4 year extention for $23 million with $11 million guaranteed) have made it abundantly clear that they are not interested in my commitment to that team, my money to attend their games or watch them on DirecTV, or the purchase of their merchandise for the outrageous amounts of money they charge.

Seahawks' Lane says he will continue to sit for anthem

The Associated Press 6h ago
Kyle Terada / USA TODAY Sports

RENTON, Wash. - Seattle Seahawks defensive back Jeremy Lane said Monday he will continue to sit for the national anthem when the regular season begins Sunday at home against the Miami Dolphins.

After sitting during the anthem in the Seahawks' final preseason game last Thursday, Lane said San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick thanked him for his support and his matching gesture.

''He reached out to me and just told me thank you for standing behind him,'' Lane said.

While Kaepernick and 49ers teammate Eric Reid amended their protest to taking a knee instead of remaining seated for the anthem, Lane said he intends to keep sitting.

Lane said he hasn't noticed much in terms of negative response for the decision and that he feels he has support of the team and his teammates in expressing his stance. He spoke with Seattle coach Pete Carroll after his initial gesture in Oakland and Carroll's advice was ''just be smart.''

Lane said he hasn't received indication if any teammates will join in his action.

''I don't know. I don't want to put no pressure on no one,'' Lane said. ''I'm doing it for me.''

Lane is in his fifth season with the Seahawks and signed a four-year contract extension to remain with Seattle in the offseason. While his answers were brief on Monday, teammate Michael Bennett was more expansive when asked about Lane's decision.

''I think it's his right to be able to protest, and I think it's all right. There's definitely some issues in America that a lot of people are starting to recognize,'' Bennett said. ''I think people have recognized them before, but I think with social media and the things that are going out, the media outlets, everybody has a chance to really show what is going on and their ideas and really having a chance to really protest what they think is wrong with America. And that's OK.

''That's what it's about. It's about people having that right to have their voice, and I think it's cool that Jeremy Lane is doing what he wants to do.''

While Kaepernick says he intends to donate $1 million ''to different organizations to help these communities and help these people,'' Lane - who makes significantly less than Kaepernick - said he has not made a decision on any financial support.

''I haven't thought about that,'' Lane said. ''Not saying I won't but I haven't thought about it.''
I guess it's far easier to be "oppressed" as a minority millionaire then it is for us struggling middle class types.

I acknowledge that he does have "rights."  But not on this issue.

His "rights" to protest anything end the moment he bolts on that uniform to play a fricking game.

It's true for him; it's true for me; it's true for a burger flipper at McDonalds, it's true for cops, it's true for members of the Armed Forces of the United States.

In fact, it's true for just about anyone working in this country today: you have zero right to protest anything while you are wearing the uniform of your employer.

I don't give a damn who you think you are, but I know who *I* am: the guy paying your salary.  And your juvenile behavior merely serves to harden any stance I may have on any particular subject because when it comes right down to it, the LAST person who is some sort of expert on "oppression" is a 25 year old jock who knows as much about society, about sacrifice, about the cost of our freedoms while he... and Kaeperpick for that matter... haven't done squat about any of it except to flap their pie holes on a subject they know nothing about.... as they know about performing brain surgery on a tyrannosaurus rex.

There is nothing in his contract that gives him the right to protest anything.

That the same organization that denied the Cowboy's request to wear small helmet stickers honoring the 5 dead police officers of the Dallas massacre a few months back refuses to act against those who use the pedestal provided to them by the NFL to trash an entire country is inexplicable.

My opposition to these clowns and to the team management and the league isn't.  And I will not put up with it.

I am done with the Seahawks in any way as long as Lane plays the role of an asshole.

I turn my back on him and his organization precisely a much as HE is turning HIS back on ME.

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