Monday, September 05, 2016

Jayne: please step away from the bong, pre-editorial. Thanks.

Ahhhhh, Democratian revisionist history.

You simply can't beat it.

As per usual, they were sniveling again this morning (Sunday).

Someone sent me Greg Jayne's column about the waste of yet another effort to replace a Bridge that doesn't need to BE replaced....  not that Jayne felt that way; if he did, he'd be fired in 60 seconds by Lyin' Lefty Lou.

Ohhhh, no.

Instead, he was continuing the Democratan/Leftist/Downtown Mafia lie that replacing the I-5 Bridge will solve absolutely every problem known to man.

Utter and complete nonsense now as it's been since the fraud this despicable rag has been attempting to perpetrate for so long began.

The irony of Jayne's column is the issue of our lack of "trust" in the authority who tells us how important it is for the I-5 Bridge to be replaced.

Th irony of his column title obviously escaped him:
Jayne: Trust that transportation projects need upfront truth
NO group or publication was a responsible for the decade of lies as the worthless rag he's working for now.

He even ADMITS that we're GOING to be lied to by that same authority we should now trust:
The Times’ Mike Lindblom reported recently that part of Seattle’s light-rail system — the portion that was approved by voters in 1996 — is going to come in with cost overruns of about 86 percent. This is not atypical. As the article also noted, “A traditional view of megaprojects, dating to mid-20th century highway builder Robert Moses of New York, is that sponsors manipulate figures and indulge boosters’ optimism to win political consent. After that, it’s difficult to kill a project. Dig a hole and commit.”

That routinely drags taxpayers into Big Bertha-sized hole. A forthcoming doctoral dissertation by Carole Turley Voulgaris at UCLA concludes that 82 percent of federally funded transit projects in the United States from 1982-2011 came in over budget — by an average of 43 percent. Experts in the field attribute this to “strategic misrepresentation” in the initial proposal; most of us attribute it to “lying.”

Greggy, don't confuse yourself with "us."

As long as you work for Propaganda Minister Lou Goebbel's Völkischer Beobachter, you AIN'T us.... your are most DEFINITELY them.

You see, you were laboring doing sports scores or whatever, while that very rag you work for was embarked on it's campaign of lies, exaggeration, and character assassination.

Much of the division around here and distrust of the downtown mafia/Brancaccio scum is based on the rag you work for.

You write tripe like:
In the interest of full disclosure, it should be mentioned that I used to subscribe to this philosophy; but then I got better. Because government is not inherently bad. Government is not even really “government,” at least not in the way some people think of it. Government is simply all of us, and there are inherent benefits to us providing a social safety net or promoting public health or organizing schools.
Not around here it ain't.  The moment government ignores those they would govern, they CEASE being "us."  The moment government ignores those they would govern they, in fact, DO become "inherently bad."

Venezuelan bad.

And the moment anyone, anywhere, becomes a shill for "government" when that government uses us, abuses us, ignores us, belittles us, and attacks us?

They've long since stopped BEING us.

Jayne, of course, whines about the issue of sitting in traffic:
Personally, I believe we need a new bridge; I believe that because I probably could write this entire column in my car if I were waiting to cross the bridge into Oregon right now. Being a responsible driver, I shall not attempt to do so.
The bridge, of course, is only on the replacement agenda for purposes of stuffing loot rail down our throats.  And if you DIDN'T "believe we needed a new bridge," you career span at the Democratian would be snuffed out like a candle and you know it.  So, in effect, you believe what you're told to believe.  You'd have been a dandy little German soldier during the last war.

Had the CRC scam gone forward, he'd STILL would have been sitting in traffic on the occasions when bridge traffic is jammed (Since it would take several more years to replace) and, if the bridge HAD been replaced, he'd STILL be sitting on the bridge as he would have been in his fantasy "write this column while stuck on the bridge" article... since replacing the bridge would, according to the CRC Scammer's own web site, the southbound commute time would be decreased by about 56 seconds.

He just would have had the additional thrill of paying around $8 for the privilege.

Less than one minute.

My guess?  While Greggy's columns are, essentially, worthless, they typically DO take a bit longer than 56 seconds to write.

"Dissent," Greggy tell us, "is understandable."

Well, when so many of us WERE "dissenting," his rag and that scumbag he's working for now damned sure didn't seem to understand it.  And Johnny "Cockroach" Laird?

That clown beat on the dissent like a gong, all while that moron Brancaccio was calling for "civility."

(Odd that Lying Lefty Lou forgot all ABOUT "civility" during his many years of Madore/C3G2/RINO jihad.  But then, "hypocrite" doesn't begin to scratch the surface.)

His rag abused us, attacked us, engaged in character assassination of us, worked hard to squelch any other option, idea or plan and even after it was clearly exposed by the efforts of hard working people interested in the truth that the CRC Scammers were ignoring us by POLICY, these clowns at the lazy C wanted us to forget ALL about that, and STILL support this insanity.

When given the opportunity to express our opinion at the polls, this rag insisted we should boycott the election, ignore it altogether because the LAST thing they wanted was to be proven liars when it came to their warped view of community support for this insanity.

EVERY effort at compromise on loot rail was shot down: Who can forget Kitzhaber's infamous "no loot rail, no bridge, no way" crap?

ANY bridge project or any other government project will have cost overruns because that same government... that same "us" that's SUPPOSED to be working for "us" allows these scum to lie to get the project and then does nothing to hold them accountable when their obvious lies are discovered.

See, for example, the most recent and most obvious example, the Pot Initiative where the scum behind it promise $580 million+ ER YEAR in pot tax revenue to the state alone... another lie... and not only were they NOT held accountable, a grateful GOP-lead/Gas Tax Rivers championed legislature cut their promised tax burden in half.

IN HALF.  Are you fricking KIDDING me?

And Jayne, in his capacity as advocate for the special interests, works for a rag that holds NO ONE accountable for their abuse of the electorate when that abuse takes place as part of their desired agenda.

Cost overruns can be easily solved:  Hold those who own/run those companies personally liable, to include waiving bankruptcy, for any such overruns.

Force them, on their own, to be personally bonded for the costs of any project.

Then, when those overruns take place, THEY have to pick up the tab for them, and not us.

And Greggy, you want us to trust government?

Let's see you start demanding that we, who will have to pay YOUR bills.... get the final say.

Pigs will fly before that ever happens, of course.  Because in the end, like that slimeball you work for, you really could care less WHAT we want OR think.

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