Saturday, September 10, 2016

C3G2-style hatred of Madore continues: pure idiocy over the upcoming news outlet:

Commissioner/Councilor David Madore has decided to begin a new website that he is, apparently, calling "Clark County Today."  It would seem that it's going to be an alternative location for news as opposed to the democratian and the suddenly, frequently left-leaning Reflector.

Although the have published absolutely nothing, predictably, the same C3G2 scum that revel in the hatred of the man quickly went to the Facebook page where the announcement was made and, keeping true to form, began to attack the idea, attack the news outlet and, of course, attack both Madore and anyone involved with or supporting the idea of a competing news outlet that might help, finally, permanently bankrupt that cancer on our community, the Daily Democratian.

Showing a remark depth and breadth of ignorance over the Constitution, such idiocy as this ignorance:
Honua DeeHonua Dee This is a First Amendment question. Will you allow comments from all Clark County citizens and voters or just the ones you agree with?

I am sure the owner supports the full Bill of Rights, ...right?
One of the problems with being a fringe-left whack job is ignorance.  Whoever this Dee person is shows it in spades.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1]
Of course, the haters want an unfettered ability to use a privilege hate sites such as C3G2 long ago denied Madore: the ability to come over and post anything they want, whenever they want, because of some non-existent "First Amendment" right.

Private sites, like private businesses, are not, in any way, required to extend any First Amendment "right" since this news outlet is neither Congress nor government of any kind.

The hypocrisy of this variety of thread crapping, which also included such idiocy as:
Michael A. SpenceMichael A. Spence Well, in his previous "newspaper," the owner routinely banned those who were even mildly critical of his strange interpretations of real events. Those who challenged his outright falsehoods were deemed harbingers of the devil and condemned according to the standards of his particular brand of Christianity. We'll see.....
Like · Reply · 4 · 15 hrs obvious and blatant.

In the CURRENT daily Democrat newspaper, a wide variety of people to the right of Mao are banned for dissenting opinions.  This banning goes on without a scintilla of concern by these same fringe-left nuts.  Much like conservatives being banned from the C3G2 hate site, those involved in owning/running Clark County Today have the absolute right to ban anyone they want for whatever reason they want, including bigots like Spence here who hypocritically attempt to use a bogus religious reference to make their point.

There is, essentially, a high level of leftist hypocrisy at play here, where anyone to the right of Mao is held to one standard by the leftists while those of their own ilk can do or say anything, any time, any where while these same leftists demand the "right..." which they refuse to extend to anyone else that doesn't share their view... to come in and trash anyone or any perspective they don't like for any reason that suits them.

This is the variety of political hatred that helps to cause the deep divisions of our community.  Leftists act like total hypocritical jerks and expect to be able to do so without consequence.

Nonsense, of course.  And when they're held accountable, what happens?

These same scum come up with crap like this:
Nathan J. BardueNathan J. Bardue Always nice to interact with you Kj Hinton. I met some of your family members recently. I expressed my sympathy to your family for being related to you.
Besides being an outright lie (I have no family outside my wife and kids around here, and they wouldn't be caught dead talking to people like this) whenever a leftist is incapable of defending their actions/positions, they mount attacks of this variety.

And those engaging in this kind of playground bullshit expect unfettered access to someone elses site/blog/website to be able to continue this kind of irrelevant garbage.

I sincerely hope that these  people are banned.  As many of them simply don't care when it comes to their own site... but then extend the requirement they refuse to live by on their own to someone else.

The democratian bans.  C3G2 bans.  And who they ban are those who are wise enough to disagree with them generally and call them out particularly.

Which is kind of odd, since, if they don't like what's being written, they can always exercise one of those other "Rights" out there: the right not to read it.

But this expectation that those who run the Clark County Times owe  any idiot the right to post anything they want attacking them or what they write?

That's as insane as whatever else morphed them into being leftists.

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