Thursday, September 08, 2016

Can you even begin to imagine the reaction of the leftists if Trump had done this?

I'm specifically talking about the fact that while #HillBilly was being interviewed last night at the presidential forum, it seems she was wearing an earpiece so that her people could give her the answers to Matt Lower's questions.

Actor James Woods summed it up neatly when he observed that "She can't even lie without help."

A review of the horrific email mess this criminal is involved in shows that this sort of thing has happened before:

Using wikileaks as a source, Woods provided a screenshot of one of the many emails that Hillary lied about, wherein Iranian plant Huma Abedin (Best known for being Anthony Weiner's wife... and what a horrific situation THAT is) asks #HillBilly about her earpiece:

Imagine the possibilities for puppetry.

And imagine the reaction of the left had Trump done the same?

The idea that this woman can't even face a reporter without her handlers feeding her those lying lines...

Do you suppose that when she's finally tried for her criminal misconduct, she'll use the "I was only doing what they forced me to do" defense, disavowing any and all knowledge of WHAT was going on due to the "brain injury" that makes her forget everything important but which does not, somehow, disqualify her from the presidency?

Leftists are freaking out as #HillBilly's presidential aspirations took another hit last night, skewering Lower as being the cause by claiming he let Trump off the hook.

I didn't watch it... (Never do) but I've reviewed the bidding and for me, the question is this:

Of the two... who looked the most presidential?

Is that even a question?

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