Sunday, September 11, 2016

As the 9/11 anniversary approaches... what has happened to us?

15 Years.

It might as well be 15 centuries.

I look around and I fear for my country.

Our military is becoming weaker by the day, less mission capable, less capable of  defending this country.

Our foreign policy is getting people killed; our deficit is spiraling out of control, our education plant fails us at an ever-increasing rate, RINO's are joining with the democrats as if they're one and the same.

As a nation, we are being damaged in ways that will take decades to resolve with debt incurred that will lat long after Obama and his rank incompetence are long forgotten.

Political discourse has been replaced with political hatred.  Efforts to find compromise at any level, by anyone, are rebuffed by opponents as if any common ground is laced with fatal radioactivity.

The left is far more concerned with the source of ideas than they are the substance.  Problems go begging because the only acceptable solutions in the minds of the leftist haters are theirs... and they refuse to consider anything not of their own making which, generally, results in the people they would govern experiencing "punishment" for failing to support their ideas... no matter how unacceptable or clueless they may be.

Thus, we have no acceptable solution on the table for our cross-river transportation problems... (among others) which get bigger by the day.

Personalities and partisanship are the basis for policies.  Government tramples on the rights of those they would control.  Leftist double standards are the order of the day.  Leftist accountability for their side is nonexistent.  They support a criminal for president, with a lake of blood on her hands... who can't walk straight down a crooked road.

For some on the commercial side, 9/11 is reduced to a mattress sale or a beer display or a dyno day at a car dealership.

Once again, the Sleeping Giant is dozing.

And we are GOING to get hurt.

Badly.  And a large part of that is because the government that has a duty to protect us is far too busy concerning themselves with giving hundreds of millions of dollars to terrorist countries to pay ransom for us... or allowing tens of thousands of illegal alien criminals and terrorist wannabes to stay in this country to kill us.

This reality defies common sense.  And no one in a position to do anything about it even begins to care.

My flag will be at half-staff today... in remembrance of the deaths of thousands in New York and the thousands more who sacrificed their lives and shed their blood in combat as a result.

And I fear for my country.

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