Sunday, August 28, 2016

Something I agree with RINO Lew Waters about: Blom defeated himself.

I knew it was a matter of time until budding leftist Lew Waters threw a hissy fit over the GOP's decision not to support Rivers and to oppose Blom.

But in the midst of his babble, who knew that he'd say something I actually agree with: RINO Johnny Blom defeated himself!

Yup, in this instance, it's clear that fellow leftist Johnny Blom's arrogance, democrat view and desire to join his fellow lackeys on the county commission was an own-goal; a self-defeating idiocy brought about by the RINO Cabal that includes Waters, Boger, Crain and that ilk.

Here's the thing, Lew:  You keep claiming you're not a Republican (As if your actions didn't confirm that...) so here's your reality:

I'm pretty sure that if the GOP wants your advice, they'll ask for it.

Meanwhile, I applaud the local GOP doing part of what needs to be done to get the attention of the RINO element running for, and currently in, office.

You see, if you're gonna vote like a leftist, and these three in particular arguably have and will... then quit screwing around and change parties.

Your label as Republicans is utterly meaningless.  Your actions as democrats have hurt us.  And none of you give a damn as long as you get reelected.

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