Saturday, August 27, 2016

In MORE news: Clark County GOP votes to oppose "RINO" Johnny Blom!

A locally historic two-fer as the Clark County GOP has added RINO Johnny Blom to their opposition list to go along with Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers!

Blom is part of the establishment RINO cabal that sought out and recruited candidates such as Shane "Need a 15% sales tax to pay for McCreary" Bowman, Jennifer "No, I won't answer your questions" McDaniel and that ilk to run against conservative candidates and incumbents.

Blom becomes the second victim of RINO stupidity, as his job was to take out David Madore, an effort supported and financed by leftists throughout the county, including the fake variety such as Brent Boger, "Officer" Sean Guard, Greg Kimsey, Ann Donnelly and that type of "Republican."

ANOTHER "well done" to the Clark County GOP!

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