Sunday, August 28, 2016

Having been slapped by the GOP, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers gets stupid.

Like the rest of the local RINO candidate contingent, Ann "RINO" Rivers blew off the Clark County GOP PCO meeting today, thereby expressing her disdain for the PCOs as all the RINOs do when they risk being held accountable for their democrat votes... so it's not terribly surprising that they refused to back her candidacy.

Rivers, best known for lying about her non-existent opposition to increasing gas taxes and tab fees as well as recruiting Shane Bowman to run against incumbent Re. Liz Pike as a result of her opposition to Rivers' gas tax/tab fee increases, was typical of the RINO arrogance infesting us:
Rivers, who reportedly avoided being targeted for opposition by a single vote, also issued a statement,  saying, “It’s deeply disappointing that the leadership of the Clark County Republican Party is so out of step with the vast majority of Republican voters in Clark County.”
“The 20 people who voted in opposition in no way outweigh the almost 17,000 votes — 60.25 percent — I received in the primary,” Rivers said.
Another lie in a series of lies, Rivers knows that those people who voted for her were unaware that she is primarily responsible for the passage of THE biggest gas tax increase in the history of this state.

Thousands of us in her district and this county have experienced the pain she helped to inflict; me, personally, when I recently bought tabs for my truck. Since her betrayal of her district resulted in an increase for the tabs on my infrequently used by the food bank diesel dually truck, I was forced to pay an increase of roughly 40% from last year... $101 from $68.

Apparently, Rivers wasn't around here during the halcyon days of I-695, the $30 car tab fee that passed overwhelmingly district, county and statewide some 20 years or so ago.

The reason, then, that so many people voted for Rivers, obviously, is that they are unaware of what a lying, self-serving, worthless senator she is.

And they're unaware of that because the guy who announced against her has subsequently disappeared.

But if they knew how dishonest she is, how much she lacks a shred of integrity, how little she gives a damn what the people in this district actually think (Roughly 75% of us voted "no" on Rivers "full-funding for King County's Transportation needs" gas tax increase bill) she couldn't get elected dog catcher.

Had Rivers EVER ran on a platform calling for these and other tax increases she's going to support in the future, she couldn't get re-elected dog catcher.

That a massive democrat funder like David Nierenberg is so allegedly upset about this goes to the heart of the matter.

Why the rag would quote a democrat about county GOP actions is a subject for speculation.  But the fact is that Nierenberg whipped out his mostly democrat checkbook and wrote mostly democrat checks to take out Madore in the primary.  Leftist democrat Jimmy Mains, who ran Blom's fake Republican campaign is another red flag.

But that the DEMOCRATS are whining the same way they whined when the GOP booted Boldt out means that the local GOP is very close to hitting the target.

The irony of all this of course is that taking support away from Blom can't help but aid the democrat running, Tanisha Harris... yet Nierenburg is still upset.

The reporter of this story neglects to mention that Nierenburg has spent a fortune supporting leftists, but hey, why provide all of the facts when you're writting to a meme?

The reality is that what the PCO's do is their business.  If the RINOs don't like it, then let them field a slate of PCO's who can take over.

And that didn't happen this year, did it?

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