Monday, August 22, 2016

Like our CRC/Loot Rail scam would have been any different? Sound Transit Loot Rail scam... 86% cost over run...

There was never any question that the effort to defraud the people of Clark County billions of dollars to ram the bankrupt TriMet loot rail system down our throats was going to cost hundreds of millions... if not billions... more than the number they gave us.

Those behind that ripoff lied so much, about so many aspects of this project, that there can be zero doubt that in addition to everything else, they lied about price as well.  But then, when their POLICY was to ignore the people of this community... what else can we expect?

Most of the time, when the public is going to get jammed, we're sold a bill of goods.

In everything from the "legalization" of pot, where we were promised $580+ million EVERY year into the general fund... a figure that, to date, has yet to come close to ONE hundred million, those in power lie to us to get what they want... not because we need it... but because THEY want it... to the cost of almost every government project (Hows that waste of billions for the tunnel project... Big Broken Bertha... going?) you can imagine going over budget... we... the ones stuck paying the bills... get screwed.

Right, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers?

Loot rail is no exception.

And here's how Sound Transit dd it when they lied THEIR way, with the State Supreme Court's blessing, into existence.

The Seattle Times
What's Sound Transit's financial track record with light-rail projects? Try an 86 percent cost overrun on its 1996 Sound Move plan that promised to extend service from Sea-Tac to the University District.

This will be our future when the RINO county council throws us under Portland's bus, precisely like my brother-in-law did it so many times in the past.

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