Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lying Lefty Lou loses it: what would we do without newspapers? We'd do quite well without his.

In a column reeking with irony, Lying Lefty Lou babbled:
You see, without newspapers, life as you know it would not be the same. 
I’m not kidding! 
And let’s be clear. I’m talking about real newspapers. Not political operatives who start blogs, or politicians who swear they are citizen journalists. 
Nope. I’m talking about the real deal. The legitimate journalists trying to grind out a living in newsrooms.
There's nothing "legitimate" about Lou in the journalistic sense... nor is there much "legitimate" about his minions.

That his product is printed on paper doesn't make it "legitimate."  The reality is that his editorial stance and subsequently, the fish rotting from the head down and all that, results in giving the work of the sycophants in his newsroom the legitimacy of a World News Daily scam site.

There is only one thing that determines "legitimacy."  And that is the truthfulness of the content.

The method of delivery is irrelevant.  The job of a newspaper begins and ends with presenting the facts.


Lefty Lou Brancaccio is light years away from anything approaching "journalism."

That I am clearly still buried in his head is kind of a hoot.

Here's the thing, you see:  if this slimeball stuck to the business of telling the truth... there'd be no need for my blog or anyone elses around here.

If he treated everyone the same; held everyone to the same standard... made a real effort to be truthful at all times and blind his biases... what would local bloggers have to say about his malfeasance?

The reality is that Vlad Lenin and Joseph Goebbels could have taken lessons from this guy in the science of propaganda.

Lefty Lou wants to run a shadow government.  And I get that.

There's no denying his success in leading the charge against any Republican he chooses.  And those he doesn't choose must by suspect... because really... when was the last time he ever got on a jihadist or water carrier for his agenda that was on the left side of the political spectrum?

I've only lived here since 88.  Maybe I missed it.

Let's remember: this newspaper called our county chair stupid and demanded he resign from the legislature some 20 years ago.

Oddly, the more leftist Chair Boldt got, the more the rag liked him.

They cover for him and simply don't care about his "issues," like texting while driving and ripping off $5000 from his 2012 campaign, where he repaid himself a loan he never made.

Lefty is still upset that what... three weeks before they got around to printing it... *I* posted the facts from the FBI FOIA that proved then Congressman Brian Baird was lying about the death threats he claimed during his campaign.

I scooped the rag on the Jim Jacks debacle as well.  I hammered Lefty and his little squit editorial page editor, Cockroach Johnny Laird, time and again.

His hypocrisy; his leftist bias, his lies for so many causes on his agenda and, of course, his RINO supported effort to cull David Madore out of the herd... his torches and pitchfork approach to Don Benton and anyone else remotely concerned about a conservative representation of those who elected them... his constant, incessant drumbeat of lies over his lack of bias and, of course, his use of his rag for character assassination... all go to show that we, as a community and a nation... will do quite well when the last swindle sheet of the variety Brancaccio spews is turned into a Starbucks... or something.

The irony of all of this is, of course, that it didn't have to be this way.

Lefty COULD have used his bully pulpit to fight government when they attack the people, to be a voice for the people instead of the special interests infesting us.

He COULD get rid of those moronic blogs on the democratian's web site where the scum working for him get to formalize their fringe-left political leanings under the guise of a "legitimate" newspaper.

Instead, we're stuck with a bird-cage liner that is a cancer on our community.  A despicable waste of wood-pulp that has caused more harm and more division than any other force, political or otherwise.

His most recent column of lies...
"Same is true with your favorite bloggers. If they didn't have a newspaper story to link to so they could complain about how bad newspapers are, why, you’d just mostly see cat videos from them." 
...is a case in point.

I typically don't link to newspapers.  I make it a habit of doing my best to avoid EVER linking to the rag... now more than ever before.

But I provide information that the newspaper chooses not to.

And that's why the local daily rag is utterly worthless... much like their editor.

The rag runs everything they print through their political and agenda filter.  The end result is we get lies, exaggerations and twisted views to manipulate the readers into believing that up is down and left is right.  They censor the voices they don't want to hear and they act like they are as pure as the driven snow when it comes to reporting... a local version of MSNBC.

This is, perhaps, my favorite of Lefty's many lies:
But real news, stuff you have to dig for? That’s us. We do it. If they report it, they've taken it from us.

Where did I get that the Oregon Supreme Court verified that the CRC scammers... like Brancaccio... were lying about the reasons to replace the bridge?  Lefty never allowed that to be printed in his rag.

Where did I get Rivers campaign lies on the gas tax and tab fees?

Where did I get Rivers lying about how much money was in her campaign account?

Where did I get that Rivers was going to betray us with her gas tax/tab fee scam?

Where did I get the fact that Rivers recruited Shane Bowman to run against Rep. Liz Pike?

Where did I get that the pot campaign supporters, who sucked Brancaccio in wholesale, were lying about the revenue the state was going to get from legalization?

Where did I get the fact that Baird was lying about death threats?

Where did I get Boldt taking $5000 from his 2012 campaign account?

Where did I get Boldt texting while driving?

Where did I get Jim Jacks resignation?

Where did I get I get that the democratian was lying about the CRC/Loot Rail scam?

Where did I get the fact that Vick was mailing it in his first year and lying about his committee assignments when he ran for reelection in 2014?

Where did I get that electing Boldt was the same thing as electing a democrat?

Where did I get that there was no difference between Julie Olson and Chuckie Green, politically?

Where did I get that the mayor of Battle Ground was fine with political lies by our Senator as long as they fit his agenda?

These are just the issues off the top of my head.  Most of them are this year.  Every single one of them are posts that *I* made before the rag mentioned them... if they mentioned them at all, which in many instances... they refuse to do.

And that goes to the heart of the matter.  The rag isn't about "news."  They're about "spin."  They're about providing cover for their friends and destroying their enemies... and their enemies are universally conservative.

Lefty's self-aggrandized exercise in mental masturbation doesn't change any of that.

Eventually, the "Cancer on our Community" will disappear.  And no one will notice its absence.

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Pete Masterson said...

After the debacle of the 2000 Presidential Election, I noticed my then local newspaper had near daily articles complaining about "Bush this or that" ... and there were several letters to the editor EACH DAY criticizing various Bush policies or activities or statements. Several pundits called this "Bush Derangement Syndrome."

That caused me to take a much closer look at the newspapers and magazines I received (and paid for). I easily determined that my local paper (once, before the owner passed away considered "conservative") was filled with leftist drivel instead of news reporting. The San Francisco Chronicle, always a "liberal paper," had apparently ceased to have any effort at balance in its NEWS pages. (I respect that editorial writers might have different opinions than I.) The newsweekly Time (magazine) was filled with leftist mush (the long time owners from the Luce family must be twirling in their graves) ... and even Smithsonian (magazine) included an egregious blast at Bush in an article that had nothing to do whatsoever with U.S. Government policies (I think it was an article about some fish in the Amazon River). After my assessment, I dropped many publications -- several that (in theory) had little direct reporting of "news" but focused on specialized topics (e.g. computer programing) that still had needless political blather. Even "Skeptic" magazine (that reflected the philosophy of being skeptical of everything) fell into the "Global Warming" debate with an editorial calling on the opinion of experts, and the readers were asked to "accept" those arguments without skepticism. Duh.

I've dropped my subscriptions to ALL of them. Today, I have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and one "conservative" news magazine (that has gone completely unbalanced over Trump) -- so I used to have TWO conservative news magazines... I also get Forbes magazine, that has managed to stay focused on business ethics, financial performance, and balanced articles on political topics.

When I moved to SW Washington nearly 5 years ago, I checked out the local paper. It is one of the worst. I'm glad that I managed to see it in a waiting room somewhere (perhaps someone left it in the DMV office where I had a lengthy wait to take care of Driver's licenses, etc.) To say the least, I did NOT subscribe to the Columbian -- and I never will. (Note to advertisers: I DO NOT SEE YOUR ADS in that publication.)

My suggestion is that we all need to put our money where our thoughts are ... and we should not support media that no longer makes any effort at balanced reporting. It can be surprising at where bias pops up (George Bush is attacked in an article about Amazon Fish?)...

I'm thankful for blogs such as yours (and the several others in the area) that report on local issues.