Monday, August 22, 2016

The democratian performs a public service: provides the RINO list to oppose... permanently.

The last two local election cycles have done a great deal to out the fake Republicans around here. Today's article, meant entirely to damage GOP candidates no matter which way they voted is a case in point.

The rag asked every GOP office holder they could find if they were going to vote for Trump.

Exclusive of the fact that there are precisely two acceptable answers to that question:

1.  Of course I am.

2.  That's absolutely no business of yours.

What happened was that the local RINO office holder contingent was outed even further.

There are a wide variety of reasons to oppose the scum on this list: lack of integrity, liars, prevaricators, RINOs all.

This just happens to emphasize their perfidy.

The list?

Greg "Fake Republican" Kimsey.

Lynda "Yeah, I know I couldn't have won without you, but what have you done for me lately?" Wilson

Sen. Ann "I lied when I answered this question like I lied about opposing the gas tax" Rivers.

And, of course, Jamie "Ridgefield Barbie" Herrera.

There is precisely one reason to fail to support Trump if you're an elected official around here and you use a GOP label: cowardice.

We all knew long ago that my Cavalier Spaniels are more Republican than that lying worm Kimsey, who helped to screw us sideways on the charter scam by lying about ever being able to revoke it.

He was part of the RINO cabal that got mostly what he wanted out of this, mainly, the end of any conservative voice in government locally.  Kimsey, of course, was part of the downtown mafia CRC scammers, a guy who could care less how badly the people of this county got raped by those supporting that gigantic rip off.

Like most of the hardcore RINOs infesting us, he'd rather have Clinton win this so we can go through several more years of government torture than to support the party nominee the way he would want the party to support him.  No hypocrisy there, right, Greg?

Wilson waffles like a Belgian and has the backbone of a snail.  She completely abandoned Rep. Liz Pike during the write in effort, helping to saddle us with my whackjob idiot of a brother-in-law as county chair, a move that has helped jack up our property taxes and increase spending at the county level far beyond that necessary.

In fact, her husband helped fund the anti-GOP effort last cycle that ultimately led to a complete idiot getting elected as county chair.

Rivers, best known for lying about her opposition to gas tax and tab fee increases to get elected in 2012, has fallen into the role of political liar with a stunning ease that I, after 11 years of association with her, felt to be impossible.

Little did I know.

The idea that Rivers doesn't know if she'll vote for Trump is as big a lie as her gas tax scam.  She damned well DOES know... she just lacked the guts to say.

Political cowardice of this variety has never been particularly attractive as a political virtue.

And Herrera?  Of course that worthless clod of a congresswoman, more fit to carry the hod than to be serving in any elective capacity, will take the establishment position because as limited as her brain actually is, even she realizes that Trump can't be controlled.  And her keeper, McMorris Rogers, would never allow that, would she?

Well, here's the thing: I will support these clowns as much as they, today, support Trump.  In short...

...not at all.


That the rag even asked this question was a calculated entirely to damage GOP candidates.  Under similar circumstances, they'd never ask the few elected dems we have around here the same question.

But then, we knew that, right?

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Washington Native said...

"None of your business" would have been a proper answer, and this list is heartbreaking.
In a very liberal biased county I guess they have to look moderate. The irony is Trump is a moderate to me. He's anti establishment and lord knows we need that now.
Vancouver residents have lost so much freedom. I grew up there so I know what I'm talking about.