Saturday, July 09, 2016

Sen. Rivers voter pamphlet statement.

Imagine my surprise when I read this:
Statement: As your State Senator, I made a commitment to listen to your concerns and turn them into actionable solutions that move our state forward.
As a result of listening to your priorities, we reduced college tuition, increased K-12 education funding, and increased funding for those with developmental disabilities – without raising your taxes. We accomplished this by prioritizing what government needs to do and demanding accountability. I’ve successfully passed legislation to end the backlog of rape investigations, and give victims peace of mind. I worked to tightly regulate the new marijuana system, ensuring the system works as intended, while keeping our communities safe.

Every day, families make tough decisions about how to balance their checkbook – I hold government to the same standard. These values guide me when I serve as your voice in Olympia. You’ve put your faith in me and I’m asking you to do it again. When I go back to our Capitol, you can trust that I will continue to make sure our children have access to a quality education, and that our economy is thriving so people can have family-wage jobs that pays the bills. I would be honored to earn your vote!
Odd.  She left a few things out.

Let's start with her lies from the last time she got elected:

This is an excerpt from her 2012 campaign web page, an excerpt of a section I wrote/edited.

Look familiar?

It's the same kind of garbage she's troweling out now.

What's the difference between "As a result of listening to your priorities..." and "The people have spoken and I have listened?"

Well, maybe she DOES "listen."  But does she HEAR?

I think not.  Because this same woman who told us that she heard us... that she would oppose a gas tax and tab fee increases, then proceeded to hang a $700 million bill around our necks... 3.5 times more than was wasted on the CRC scam.

Oddly, among her many "achievements," she managed to leave out her efforts to increase our tab fees by a third, and our gas tax to among the highest in the country... bad enough for a variety of reasons, but even worse considering her pledge to oppose such efforts.

Her subsequent and successful effort to recruit Shane Bowman to run against Rep. Liz Pike because Pike voted against and loudly opposed the gas tax has shown us what kind of political monster Rivers has morphed into.

She has, in fact, become everything she used to loath in politics... everything I was tasked to keep her from becoming... an arrogant, non-responsive, personal-agenda driven wholly-owned subsidiary of the special interests who have made tens of millions off of her while she betrays those of us who voted her into office.

Did I mention "non-responsive?"

FIVE months ago, I asked her to clarify her lies at the Battle Ground Town Hall Meeting she held last January, wherein she stupidly claimed she voted FOR the $700 million tax on us to, effectively, forestall a $7 BILLION tax instead, one of the biggest lies ever uttered by a local politician.

It was, she tells us, a "business decision."  (NOTE: this video needs to be viewed in any Browser NOT Firefox because of software issues.)

Well, if they're all business decisions, why do we even need a legislature?  Let's just hire a bunch of accountants and THEY can ignore us instead of the woman we hired to be OUR voice.

She has refused to respond.  After all, I'm just a constituent who busted his ass to get her elected in the first place... why bother to respond to me?

Think she'll bother to respond to you if she disagrees with you?

Think again.

If Rivers was so proud of her betrayal of the people of this county to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars... then why didn't she mention it in her voter pamphlet statement?  She sure took credit for everything else, didn't she?

I, once again, admit it.  I will never vote for her or any of her RINO lackeys again.

And the next time she breaks her word to us, you won't be able to blame me for not warning you.

Much like I warned Lew Waters and many others that Tim "The Liar" Leavitt was gaming THEM on the toll scam for the CRC with his fake claim of opposing tolls.

They didn't listen to me then, either.  And how did that work out for them?

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