Monday, July 11, 2016

Who will I be voting against/opposing?

Well, anyone endorsed by Carolyn Crain's fake Republican group.

Anyone Brent Boger stupidly refers to as a "Non-Madore/RINO"  (Forgive me, but what it actually says is "Non-Madore/Regular."  I was merely correcting it for clarity.)

For conservatives (and every single candidate/incumbent Boger opposes IS a conservative) he stupidly calls them "Madore/insurgent" when they are, in fact, "Conservative," period.   That Madore may share their view is the reality of all conservatives running.  That RINOs like Boger oppose that view is the reality of the Establishment attempting to reassert their control over the party.

Madore sharing the candidate's view is the excuse these RINOs are using to attack conservatives... which they would also be doing if Madore had not existed.

"Regular" in this sense merely means "RINO."  Thus, famous local (and rich) democrats are helping them to try and take control through their money and their PACS and, as you might expect, their lies.

Neither Boger nor Crain have any say or control over the GOP:  Boger has quit the GOP in his fits of pique more times than I can count.

As far as that goes, I'm not in the GOP either and, in reality, I find the RINO's perspective to be, well, amusing.

What this is, then, is an effort by the Establishment to reassert their control over the party apparatus.  They are being ably assisted by Brent's new friend, Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio... his fav drinking buddy and, of course, the editor of the Daily Democrat.

Yes, the RINOs are pissed that they were thrown out of power back in 2012.  And now, they've set about to "fix" that problem, by coalescing around leftist idiots like my democrat brother-in-law, the county Chair.

Here's the list which I gratefully thank Boger for making so easy to determine;  I will, of course, ALWAYS politically oppose anyone the RINO clowns support.

This is just the start.

Council District 3:
John Blom, RINO

Council District 4:
Jennifer McDaniel, RINO

State House 17:
Paul Harris, RINO

State House 17:
Jerry Oliver, RINO

State House 18:
Shane Bowman, Uber-RINO

State House 49
Carolyn Crain, Total RINO.

For whatever the reason, Boger left out his politically treacherous bud for the 18th District Senate, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

Crain, as fake a Republican who has ever lived, rabidly supported 39% Boldt, a leftist former Republican endorsed by the Young Democrats as well as Crain, Boger and the other fake Republicans infesting the political scene.

Crain's efforts include adding the following to this list:

PUD Commissioner:
Nancy Barnes.

17th District Senate
Lynda Wilson

18th District House
Brandon Vick

Anyone reading this needs to go to the heart of the matter... the basis for all of this, the true motives.

This isn't about what's best for the people.  If it were, these same RINOs would be as horrified by Rivers' betrayal as I am, instead of feting her and assuring her that I, formerly her business partner, confidant and consultant am being "mean," or "unfair" instead of demanding that she keep her formerly sacred word.

No... this is about power.

They had it.  They blew it... and now, they want it back.

Some of these morons push the lie that *I* am a "Madore supporter."  Some, I'm told, are shilling the word that I'm being PAID by Madore for my position.

In 2012, Jim Mains, for example (A fringe-leftist, total downtown mafia type) spread the word that my opposition to my idiot brother-in-law was because Madore was paying me.  But then, as the RINO/Leftist cabal has shown, there's no lie they won't tell.

Meanwhile, political morons like Boger have yet to stop and ponder WHY it is that the democrats and the leftists are working so hard to get the RINOs elected.

Boger and his ilk either don't know, or don't care that they're useful tools for a scheme designed to remove EVERYONE using the GOP label from office, and make things back into what they used to be: an all democrat commission, and all democrat legislative representation.

Ask Boger and his ilk if that's what they want, and the answer will, of course, be "no."  Some, like McDaniel, will carry their lie further, falsely claiming to be a "moderate conservative" because, God Help Them, they wouldn't dare tell the truth.

And that's the slime of it.

I gain nothing either way, except a sense that I have done my duty to tell the truth about what's going on.

Everyone else has something to gain.


I have conservatism to lose.  And if the Crain/Boger ilk are successful, lost it will be.

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david clark said...

Adding a few details:
Jennifer McDaniel voted to DOUBLE water rates in Washougal.

She tried to add a car tab fee, but it died for lack of a second.

She voted to cut Clark County's representation on C-Tran from 3 to 2 board seats

She voted for BRT multiple times. Including bus stops that cost about 1/2 MILLION dollars each.