Friday, July 08, 2016

Wasn't the Democratian's Vick endorsement a hoot?

I was sent the endorsement of "Let's add sales tax to food" Bowman today, and imagine my surprise when first, the rag didn't mention it as part of their endorsement of Ann Rivers' recruited candidate and second, when they wrote this:
This shortcoming was demonstrated in a transportation package passed by the Legislature in 2015, one designed to raise $16 billion through a hike to the state gas tax. Pike opposed the bill, which was a reasonable position, but Bowman rightly points out how that contributed to Southwest Washington receiving scant funding for projects. “When you’re a minority, a Republican in the House controlled by Democrats, you have to work with people, listen to their ideas,” Bowman said. “You have to sit down and have dialogue and not close it off, and not worry about the next election.”
Odd. Brandon Vick also voted against the gas tax. I'm sure his opponent feels the same way about taxes as both the rag AND Bowman.

But in reviewing Vick's endorsement, what was missing?

Why, any mention of HIS vote against the gas tax.

Now, why do you suppose that is?

Couldn't be the rag's hatred of conservatives, could it?

I mean, those hypocrites certainly wouldn't engage in a double standard, would they?

Clearly, when they hate you, they hate you.

And they are right about one thing: Clark County needs a new voice. And I, for one can't wait until the Democratian goes bankrupt and we get one.

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