Thursday, March 03, 2016

More RINOs I won't support this November.

Here's their idiotic take on supporting Trump:  (According to the Seattle Times)

And here's the thing: this would be my position if they'd said that about ANY GOP candidate.)

Chris Vance:  First, I wasn't going to support him anyway, come to think of it.  The State GOP was a disaster on his watch, even worse than it is now, so he'd surely bring that skill set to the table if by some ultra-miracle he managed to win.

Here's Vance's cowardice and short-sightedness on Trump:
"It’d be better if we had a nominee who could unite the party and bring everyone together. Maybe that’ll still happen, but today it doesn’t appear to be,” said Chris Vance, the Republican challenger running against Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray. 
Vance took to social media earlier in the week to denounce as “unacceptable” Trump’s refusal during an interview to repudiate former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Trump later disavowed Duke on Twitter.
In a Facebook post in December, Vance had said Republicans would need to unite behind their presidential nominee “whoever that is.” But on Tuesday, Vance declined to say whether he’d be able to support Trump.
“The day he is officially the Republican nominee, then I will answer that question,” he said. 
But Vance said he doesn't see himself aligning with any of the remaining GOP candidates — Trump or others. “I think a lot of Republicans are going to run as free agents this year,” he said.
Gutless crone.

Bill Bryant:  And Bill Bryant isn't any better.
Bill Bryant, the Republican candidate challenging Gov. Jay Inslee, repeated earlier statements that “if Trump believes what he says, he is not fit to be president.” 
Both Bryant and Vance declined to say whether they’d vote for Trump if he winds up as their party’s nominee in November. 
“I don’t like to cross hypothetical bridges,” Bryant said.
Sen. Joe Fain, best known for voting against the repeal of the "naked men in the women's showers" rule as the GOP Senate allowed it to remain in place, called Trump a "fascist."

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