Thursday, March 03, 2016

The parallels between the local CCRINO Establishment and the national RNC Establishment.

As regular readers know, the local CCRINO Establishment would much rather have a democrat like Marc Boldt win an election and join with the other two Stooges than to allow conservatives to run the joint... or any other Republican that doesn't meet their RINO test.

Well, I certainly can appreciate that, much like I appreciate the damage Boldt and the other Stooges, Julie Olson/Chuck Green and Jeanne Stewart/Craig Pridemore have done since their election... voting as if they had formerly joined the democrat party.

Grabbed from Chuckie Greens campaign site.
The DC Establishment reaction to Trump makes it easy for me to oppose fake Republicans: after all, Trump doesn't pass their litmus test; RINOs like Rubio, and here locally, Rivers, Vick, Boger, Bowman, Boldt, Olson, Stewart, McDaniels, Vance, Bryant, Wilson, Noelck, Crain (Who, after all, went so far as to endorse a democrat candidate against fellow RINO Julie Olson) and Harris?  They all fail to pass mine.

Others are sure to be added to the list, because as we've seen at both the national AND the local level, party loyalty gets flipped like a switch whenever RINOs want to flip it.

So, today, the Establishment sent up the wrong guy, at the wrong place and at the wrong time to blow holes in Trump.  Yet we STILL do not see any Senators endorsing Cruz, meaning these clowns want to jam Rubio down our throats.

Well, Rubio caved on his integrity AND illegal aliens over a year ago... and he lost any chance at ever becoming president as a result.

Should Trump be president?  I have no idea.  But the more scum like Mitt get out there and try to tell us what to do, the more likely I am TO support Trump.

Clearly, the Establishment at the national level is as despicable as the out-of-power local Establishment variety.  And the harder they push to keep their seats of ease, the more likely I am to do the exact opposite.

And the more the Establishment at ANY level engages in this rank hypocrisy, the more I will oppose them.
The RNC on Mitt Romney's left

The more the Establishment at ANY level lies, exaggerates, cheats or engages in the mainstream democrat tactics and strategies... against their fellow Republicans... the more I will call them out.

I didn't watch Mitt's speech.  Why should I?  As an Establishment mouthpiece with their hands up his back like Jeff Dunham with his hand up Achmed's back, I already knew what that milquetoast was going to say.

Here's the reality:  Every single candidate running for president has had the same opportunity.

Trump is winning because he took the lead in talking about stuff the others wouldn't touch with a 100 foot pole.

Illegal aliens, importing muslim terrorists, how much we got screwed in the deal with Iran, just to name a few.

And instead of doing the smart political thing to neutralize Trump and his positions, mainly, co-opting them, what did they do?

They did the same thing the local CCRINOs are doing: they did (and are doing) the democrat's dirty work for them.

Many ironies of political life become apparent when closely watching what each side does to the other... and to themselves.

The democrats are, essentially, standing on the sidelines, watching the CCRINOs carry their water like Gunga Din.  They remain spotless while the CCRINOs do it all for them.

They watch and remain squeaky clean as the CCRINOs splatter Republicans with all the mud they can throw.  They watch as those in the CCRINO cabal either betray their constituency like Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers betrayed us all with her gas tax/tab fee machinations ("Yeah, well, it was a 'business decision.'  And as long as it's a 'business decision,' I can lie to my constituents all I want.") by doing what the democrats wanted her to do... and the democrats DID want her to betray us, regardless of her fake motivation... which in this case, meant hanging a $1600 or so bill around the necks of every man, woman and child in this county... of which, we'll actually see, perhaps, $80 or so worth of work for each man, woman and child in Clark County... the rest going to King County; and then, of course, lying about it by claiming that had she NOT voted "yes," the bill for this county would have been $7 BILLION...  (NOTE: this video needs to be viewed in any Browser NOT Firefox because of software issues.)

... or go insane attacking those who do not pass their litmus test of what a RINO SHOULD be.

Which is why every conservative running this cycle is under attack here locally.

So today, the biggest loser in the history of presidential politics since Walter Mondale, comes out and blasts Trump.  (Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...)

That, of course, is his... and their... privilege.  You can rest assured that most of the CCRINO contingent shares their joy of this political buzzard circling a carcass... except, of course, for one thing:

Trump is far from dead.

But with scum like the Establishment, if he woke up dead with a heart attack tomorrow, none of that would surprise me.  Because the Establishment types would MUCH rather lose to a democrat than see someone they can't control win an elective office.

Right, Marc?

The parallels, then, are obvious.  And they reek accordingly.

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