Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Today's modern, action Army: unbelievable. (Language Warning)

When I was in Germany the first time, I was assigned to barracks built by Kaiser Billy (Wilhelm) in oh, 1905 or so.  I rolled into Recon, 1/4 IN in what was then 3rd Brigade/3rd Infantry Division (Rock of the Marne) in late '72, early '73.

They had a variety of problems.  Very little heat, bad plumbing, overcrowded, plaster falling off the walls.

But we never had mold.

These pictures, provided by a reliable source (U.S. Army W.T.F.! Moments on Facebook) are of what deployed troops have to look forward to when they get back to their barracks in Ft. Stewart, GA... the current home of the 3rd Infantry Division.

And yes... what you're looking at... is mold.

And lots of it.

These are the barracks of a combat unit currently deployed in, well, combat.  And this is what they have to come back to.

And there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of crap.

Still want to join the military?

Well, here's how they treat a lot of our soldiers.

Caveat Emptor.

This site is quite legitimate: they have exposed other verified violations like these, even having made local news.

THIS is what the Armed Forces has become.

Imagine returning from deployment to these rooms. Our page receives many submissions each week of moldy barracks. Nothing compares to what we received today of Buildings 8456, 8458, and 8460 at Fort Stewart, Georgia. The soldiers that live in these rooms are currently deployed and will be returning in the near future. They were told to secure their stuff in the rooms while they were away.
Some of the rear D soldiers still living in the same buildings while the others are deployed notified DPW and were moved to other rooms near their old rooms, or told to move their stuff out, clean the room, and move back in. The Rear D for these soldiers were tasked to clean the mold with bleach in preparation for their return.
All clothing you see in the photos was hung or folded inside their closet. Welcome back! Fuck your stuff. ‪#‎WarOnMold‬

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Lew Waters said...

The old pine wood WWII "temporary" Barracks we billeted in for Basic in 1969 were better than that.

And yes, when I got to Germany we occupied former SS Barracks in Nurnberg, Merrell Barracks that was being somewhat "remodeled," but never saw mold.